Germany sends naval warship to the South China sea | DW News

Germany sends naval warship to the South China sea | DW News

Security experts expect a US refocus to the Indo-Pacific. That is welcomed by countries from Japan to the Philippines. And America is not alone on this. The European Union is developing a new strategy for the region. Right now, France is the only European country with significant naval forces in Asia but things are starting to change. Germany is sending its first warship over in almost 20 years. One of the main reasons has to do with trade. About 40-percent of global trade goes through the Straits of Malacca, and about a fifth to a third of trade travels through the South China Sea.


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  1. Sooo…
    Exactly what do the European nations have to do with territorial disputes in Asia???
    First sort out the Illegal occupation of Palestinian lands…
    In that case THERE HAS BEEN A UN RESOLUTION FOR 30 years…

    In regards to disputed waters in the Indo-Pacific… Yeah China claims parts, but it is not just China
    It is not just China, even IF China claimed nothing there would still be 2-3,4? Countries claiming the same area…

    Does it help that total strangers send warships…
    No it does not but it does escalate the situation AND THAT IS THE GOAL.
    The Colonial powers believing they still have power but the GOAL IS DISRUPTION and intimidation.
    Really psychopatic behaviour.

    In the case of the USA it is REALLY Ludicrous since they are not even signatories to the "Law of The Sea"
    So they really have no legitimacy to invoke that at all, THEY DO NOT RECOGNICE THE LAW.

  2. It's time for all the Asian countries to come together ,Israel is the watchdog for West.Israel is slowly occupying Syria,Iraq and Jordan.Russia, China and India should come together to stop occupation by Israel.

  3. ASEAN nations, lets talk and ink billions dollar deals with China and meet with Myanmar about their internal issues.
    Meanwhile US, UK, Australia, lets build more weapons, ships and send it to South China Sea.

  4. Greece is using islands for so called EEZ against Turkey, France and EU support Greece, China uses islands for so called EEZ. France and EU are against China.

  5. Bundeswehr wanted to defend South China Sea free passage claim to support the US and NATO actions while Germany still depends on the US for security defence. It will be a joke to sail into Shanghai to show to the Chinese how powerful that Bayern frigate is. That scare tactic is not valid any more.

  6. I think its time that Asia sends their wat ships just to police Atlantic as well for security.

    I really don’t understand that if US and EU dont live there why should they then police that area?

    Super glad on China and its rising power, while all these assoles are now ganging up. No worries, we’ll see.

  7. China needs to be punished or else they will slowly will start claiming africa to be chinese as they already started by sending people to work and live there and they will stay after they build something

  8. If S Korea build its own nuclear submarines, it will lock in China's North fleet from leaving which leaves S Korean navy to deal with China's East fleet until their Southern fleet arrive which will be all over by time they get to East sea. Chinese Northern fleet ports are in range of S Korean cruise and tactical missiles and they are within range from S Korean ground based anti ship missiles if they try to pass S Korea. It will give even chance against China's navy without the US navy. S Korean navy has better quality ships and better prepared sailor.

  9. Israel I am PAMG. I will destroy your Only Holy Place Israel Temple Mount to Ashes.

    If you want pardon of Extension from My Wrath go to Jacob "Philippines" now and Look for Me.

    Let's debate I will continue Eli Soriano Bible Exposition using KJV and Google services only.

    I will use Iglesia ni Cristo Church and Media.

    If you Win even 1 verses on the Bible on the Word of God and All of your Books I will spare your Temple.

    If not take off your shoes I already locked and aimed my specific target to destroy You must run.

    Countdown 3 days

  10. You mean the obsolete fishing boat crossing the Taiwan street? Please don't be hooked by your own lies. That's really embarrassing, because zero maybe minus effect of detering China, haha Germany looks like a political clown who is always following it's big daddy, America. What a shame haha!

  11. If a Chinese warship travel to Atlantic, not sure if it is under free travel rule? That fact I see is different western countries' warship puting on a runway on south China Sea, not South Western Sea, how is that free travel?

  12. When war breaks out in the Indo-Pacific, bombs are not going to fly to the EU zone. No, they're gonna fly within Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, and destroy Asian cities. That's a comforting knowledge for Europeans, hence their bravado in sending war ships to the region.

  13. Yes, a lot of trade goes through South China Sea, because those are mainly trade with China. Thank you for protecting trade with China from China. Dopes.