Stanford University Professor Euan Ashley speaks to WION | Latest World English news | WION News

Stanford University Professor Euan Ashley speaks to WION | Latest World English news | WION News

A Stanford scientist is developing a ‘Superhero vaccine’ that will prevent death from heart diseases, strokes, liver problems. The jab will be based on the DNA of Olympic athletes, and will change your genetic make-up forever. Stanford University Professor Euan Ashley speaks to WION.

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  1. Congrats WION for achieving 3 mil subscribers .
    This idea of adjusting DNA is dangerous. The tweaked DNA sequence may cause instability in the cell . In such a case the outcome is unthinkable .
    Anyway who wants to live in a world where everyone else is the same .
    As it is , nature has provided many natural therapies for most health deficiencies .

  2. I have one big question ? How do you look at Rh – when you are work with these genome ? When you look at blood you have to be aware do you have to worry about rh- in genomes ?

  3. Scientists (with the help of Lancet) will only show the good side of their research, but they will not reveal the fallout, side-effects, and failures. If scientists screw up even one person's superhuman jab, it could have serious consequences. Scientists are wiling to take that risk since scientists place their egos on a pedestal over human lives.

  4. True n everliving god died 4 ur sins n arose on 3rd day is greatest truth in history.u r sure in heaven if u believe n love all.c way to heaven in google.

  5. We need a world committee to regulate the use of genetic engineering. It's creating miracles but should not be used to create chimera human-hybrids. We need a worldwide standard of use.

  6. they been making super soldiers for a long time. godwilling i will be gone before the mad scientists and foolish pollys unleash more sick twisted crap upon this world.

  7. stop putting poison in the food would be a better idea to save lives. or stop poisining the world with all your money making bs. i see the end of mankind coming fast now. human life so cheap now. idiots everywhere

  8. Someone has to stop those arrogant lunatics – “American scientists”, “stanford professors”, Ashleys, Faucis, etc… They just gave the world plenty of “fruits” of their research last year! Now selling another “fruits” in form of “God only knows what’s inside” vaccines making billions $
    Seams like perfect business plan. Spend few millions of government printed $ for “research” to create new virus, introduce it to the world and sell the “cure” – vaccine that will bring new disease in the future so more “medicine” can be sold. $ persuade $ governments to buy your vaccines and lobby to make vaccination mandatory!
    Over 20 years of new strains of flu every year to sell their “cures” finally stopped working because human immune system is much more powerful then they thought so now they have to come up with something new!

  9. Imagine if china tried doing the same thing. Everyone would freak out. No one should be conducting such research. Such research led the pandemic from china. The next pandemic could come from america because of this.