Taliban takeover: How do neighboring countries react? | DW News

Taliban takeover: How do neighboring countries react? | DW News

It’s Day 2 of an Afghanistan run by the Taliban, and stunned world leaders are beginning to respond. They are doing so in vastly different ways, with some acknowledging the Taliban as the winners of the war and representative of the Afghan people, and others still hedging their comments.

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  1. 85 billion dollars worth American military equipment, 75000 vehicles,200 airplane s and helicopters,600000 small arms and light weapons, This is what USA left behind for Taliban s to enjoy.

  2. It's sad that the Middle East was once known for its philosophers and science, and now it's known for religious extremism, terrorism, anti-scientism, and lack of human rights. Why? Because of religion.

  3. shame on you imran khan,what you want for afghanistan,you don,t want for your country.,no pride no houner, english gave you freedon in 1947.,but are you free., at least you are hated by your great neigbor india .,in days to com ., india would punish you.

  4. China's investment plan for a group of pirates will eventually backfire on them. I will laugh when the BRI is used by terrorists to have ease of access in bombings.

  5. I neither hate nor support USA for this but from my perspective I think every country believed that afghan army will win the war against Taliban but result was they just ran away.
    3lakh soldiers vs some thousands taliban? even I believed Afghanistan will win.
    So is it US fault that they trusted afghan army?

  6. Summary:
    1) US lost its superpower status.
    2) Afghanistan still remains the graveyard of empires.
    3) Pakistan won the proxy against India.
    4) India's plan to counter Pakistan via Afghanistan got clean bold.
    5) China has found its new expansion land.
    6) Russia is again trying to establish itself in the region.
    7) Taliban got free bumper car rides.

  7. Pakistan is the main reason foe existence of Taliban.Pakistan will realise in few years that cruel Jihad system will effect them in a very bad way.Future of India and whole world will be in danger.

  8. Japan's government had became a puppet of the US government since the surrender in 1945. Why? Because the Japanese Military is the most brutal in the world. The United States government don't want another Japanese indiscriminating soldiers EVER! If the United States government would let Japan regain its absolute independent sovereignty, then the horrific nightmares of WW2 will once again haunt everyone's souls and their bodies get cut into pieces while the Imperial Japanese soldiers would scream: "Tennōheika Banzai!"