Taliban vow to take a more moderate stance at first Kabul press conference | DW News

Taliban vow to take a more moderate stance at first Kabul press conference | DW News

At the militant group’s first press conference since seizing control of Afghanistan, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the insurgents will not seek revenge and that “everyone is forgiven.” “We don’t want any internal or external enemies,” the spokesman told reporters in Kabul. The spokesman also asserted that women’s rights will be honored. He said women would be allowed to work and study and “will be very active in society but within the framework of Islam.”

A German evacuation plane with “more than 120 people” on board left Kabul airport on Tuesday. Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) said on Twitter that “Germans, Afghans and members of other nations” had been “airlifted” to safety. The process will continue as long as “the security situation allows,” he added. Later on Tuesday, Maas said humanitarian aid to Afghanistan had been frozen.

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  1. It won’t be fine for women. 9 year old girls will be allowed to be married. Girls will be allowed to go to school, but to study their religion. Women will have to cover their faces. They will work their way to enforce it, but right now they are easing their way in to gain the peoples trust.

  2. Afghans are not afraid. It is you guys spreading fear. Afghans have gone through a lot. Anyone thinks last 20 years were any better then you are fooling yourselves. War over is a positive development. Better than a continued civil war. Even a half witted person can understand that. Unless you are disappointed that all setup civil war did not happen.

    Give them a chance. It will take time to transform themself from a rag tag fighting bunch to civil and social administrator of some kind. Stop pulling then down. If you can help. Or stay the heck out.

    Understand this. There was not political leadership in Afghanistan. Only foreign stooges. Of the west and some amazingly of fascist regime of India. Still boggles my mind how blinded they were fir few dollars and helping kill thier own brothers.

  3. WOLF in Sheep's clothing? Absolutely NO!!! Remember these are the New Taliban!!! No one should fear them! They are kind and caring! I saw one Taliban force care so much for a young boy about 10 years old or so that he kept hitting him on the back of his legs and back with a fan BELT!!! Such a nice new Taliban…

  4. Ah yes… the old and calassic "ThEy ShOuLd'Ve Do ThIs Or ThAt SoOnEr.." I cant recall any of those elements speaking about it weeks before, saying that we have to evacuate now. Nobody knew it was gonna happen so quickly. Allies thought the Afghans are gonna put up a fight and hold taliban in clutch with minimal help from the outside.
    But NOW, everyone tries to be sooo smart about it, after the fact

  5. DW why have you captioned your video as Wolves in sheep's cloths. what is wrong with the defeated germany of 1945, have some shame and have some respect if at all you have any…. shame on german media and shame on DW, you dont have any self respect.