What's the best approach for a high vaccination rate? | COVID-19 Special

What's the best approach for a high vaccination rate? | COVID-19 Special

In Colorado, people wait hours to get their shot and a 100 dollar gift card. In Bolivia, authorities hand out free food such as noodles, rice and flour for Covid jabs. Some European countries like Germany use the stick. If you’re not vaccinated, you’ll soon have to pay for tests to be able to access restaurants, fitness studios and barbershops.
In some parts of Europe, like France and Germany, vaccination rates are plateauing, as significant proportions of the population choose not to get jabbed. But that’s not the case in Spain, where the vast majority of people have been keen to get their doses. Just six percent of Spaniards have refused to be vaccinated. But what’s the best approach? Is it carrot or stick? Or something entirely different?

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  2. That American woman was SUPER annoying. She talked about it being politicized in the US and she was watching her words like the most politicized of all. Sad. Too bad she couldn't just speak plainly about the hesitancy without tiptoeing around the topic.

  3. Set a vaccination deadline for the end of August. Anyone who does not have the vaccinations by this time should be denied medical care. Anyone who wants the vaccinations after this date will need to have them administered below the belt. Problem solved.

  4. I do hope that unvaccinated people are aware they are totally despised by the majority of society. Most people I know are actually hoping that Darwinism takes them out, much like drunk drivers and arsonists, they are people the world is better off without.

  5. Pegylated lipid, lonizable lipid, phospholipid, cholesterol, nucleic acid, HIV/AIDS, SM102, Polysorbate 80, Polyethylene Glycol, Potassium Chloride, Mercury, Luciferace, Ethyl Oxide, Graphene Oxide, and WALVAX 2.

  6. Does the vaccine stop you from getting the evil virus. No, it does not. Does it stop you from giving it to others. No, it does not!! Actually, when vaccinated you SHED to the virus! Making you more infectious!. It is not safe and many have died. Stick it. Vaccinations are a pseudo-science when you view the true history. Pharmaceutical PROFIT and CONTROL of the PEOPLE is what it is ALL about! SAD. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

  7. What happens three years from now when you get the third shot of the vaccine. Are there any long term side effects that you don't know about yet. Like in March 2021 science said you were immune and could not spread the virus.Then in June you can get virus and spread it like unvaxed.

  8. Has everyone gone mad? Millions have tested positive, 99% of them have survived and now have "natural immunity"! Why do they all need a vaccine when "Natural immunity" is far superior to anything a vaccine can give you. Covid is an upper respiratory tract infection, not the plague! Repeat: 99% survival rate and survivors have natural immunity, its what the immune system is for! Pfizer state that the vaccinated can still acquire covid and the vaccinated can also still infect other people, even those who have been vaccinated! It's joke! If you have natural immunity you are protected and you are not a threat to anyone. If a person is vaccinated and the vaccine works so well, what have they got to be scared of?
    Bring in antibody blood tests and you will see millions are already naturally immune to Covid! Then spend that money on treatment protocols to save lives instead of simply sending those who test positive home, to wait until they are so sick they cannot be saved!!!

  9. I find it unfortunate that the "expert" in the video calls vaccine reactions "side effects". Side effects are unintended consequences of medications. In the case of covid-vaccines this is NOT the case. Reactions in the form of feeling sick for a couple of days, typically after the 2nd dose, or 1st dose if you already were exposed to the virus before is simply an indication that the vaccine is working if you already had the 1st dose before. Your body's immune system recognize the virus/antigens and triggers an immune response to fight what it thinks is the virus. You'll experience this as feeling sick. In general when you feel sick from an infection, it is not the virus itself making you feel sick but your body's immune response.