Afghanistan: Evacuations continue as Taliban claim moderate stance | DW News

Afghanistan: Evacuations continue as Taliban claim moderate stance | DW News

The Taliban held their first press conference since seizing control of Afghanistan on Tuesday. Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said the ultraconservative insurgents would “not seek revenge” and that “everyone is forgiven.” The Taliban said women would enjoy rights within “the limits of Islam.”

The words were met with skepticism from the UN while Germany said it would judge the Taliban “by their actions” rather than their promises.

Several countries, including Germany and the United States, have continued to transport hundreds of people out of Kabul airport. Around 130 people who had been flown from Kabul to Tashkent on Tuesday arrived in the German city of Frankfurt on a commercial Lufthansa flight early on Wednesday morning.


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  1. Seems like a single well placed missile could have ended this. All of the high ranking Taliban in one place, out in the open with no civilians around…?

  2. That does it !!!! The Taliban captured Demented Joe's rainbow flag. I won't sleep a wink, thinking about how they may have desecrated this cherished emblem.

  3. They are telling people not to be afraid while they are holding guns and running around all the time. it's no use, they should drop their arms. It's like pointing gun at my forehead and saying calm down.. LMAO

  4. In the 1890's, in an article, the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal wrote his observation about developed vs undeveloped nations, particularly the west vs east (Asia). He said what he noticed was when he was in Europe, he was surprised to see women educated all the way through university. In it, he explained why the west was so developed compared to the rest of Asia (at that time). He said, after all it is the mother who nurtures and naturally spends time with the children. Simply, he said, one should expect that dumb parents will likely bear dumb children, and vice versa. To this day, I remember this article he wrote in the 1890's, and one can look around the world and apply the same logic to somewhat explain a certain country's development, or lack thereof.

  5. Only reason why they are back cause we have a soft President. Biden is lost or doesn’t care. Enjoy this cause this is going to get worse. Don’t forget 911. Do not think they are not able to hit any other marks on American soil.

  6. The real question is? How much Hot Ammunition was seeded all over Kabul by the C.I.A to be used by the Taliban. Imagine the psychological effects of having your newly acquired AR15 blow up in your face, when firing it up triumphantly in to the Air. Having the thing just go Bang, in your hands.
    Might not be this week, but when they have used up their present stocks, the real fireworks will start. If not already. Hand injuries will be very common at Kabul Central Hospital this Winter. Ouch…..

  7. The west is acting like if they knew nothing about what happened in Afghanistan . The west pushed Middle East in chaos now it is time to push central Asian countries in turmoil and wars sooner or later. Every thing is pre planned .

  8. Can 25 years of brutalities and fighting wars inside the spirit and soul of the Taliban be eliminated overnight?
    Can the Taliban be transformed instantaneously and fused into the world system and orders?
    Can brutalities, lawlessness and corruption be removed so that people can live peacefully?
    Can a leopard change its spots?
    Let history based on historical facts and the future based on time be the true and only judge.
    Historians do not call the country “Graveyard of Empires" without any evidences and also not based on hearsays.

  9. So let me get this straight. The Afghan Force were from outside of Afghanistan. That's why they are leaving back. Just like there president and other leaders. And the Talibans are from Afghanistan. Fighting for there country. Good job taliban.

  10. Afghanistan was not planned very well because they should have been getting the Afgan people out first while the USA still had ground troops controlling the area and airports! The USA should have had designated controlled areas where they could have protected the area within a 2-mile radius area to have helicopters pick up troops and goods where the Taleban could not reach the helicopters doing this action! The helicopters could then land in a safe place to get people off of them and into planes for further travel back into the USA! It's a wonder how they can make all of these brilliant movers on escape but look how bad of a job they do in real life!!