Afghanistan: Several protesters killed in Jalalabad | DW News

Afghanistan: Several protesters killed in Jalalabad | DW News

The first signs of civil unrest since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan are emerging – small demonstrations have been reported in a handful of cities. Witnesses say the Taliban shot dead three protesters who were waving the national flag in Jalalabad. Taliban fighters are reported to have fired shots into the air to disperse crowds trying to reach Kabul airport. The Islamist insurgents have said repeatedly that they have changed and want peace – but many Afghans find that hard to believe.

DW speaks to Mark Jacobson. He was an adviser to former US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and served as Deputy NATO Representative in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2011. He calls the troop withdrawal a mistake.

Meanwhile, A plane carrying evacuees from Afghanistan has arrived at Frankfurt Airport – the first of a number of special Lufthansa flights bringing German citizens and Afghans to Germany.


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  1. "No military force could fight without air support"

    Germany is the biggest liar! I think it's clear to the world that the Taliban seemed to be quite able to perform well, without air support! Germany flew 7 Afgans out of Kabul on one flight. Why doesn't Germany take a million Afgani immigrants? Germany is just up to it's old tricks and lies.

  2. Why do we have to live by Western standards? We have our own rules, why follow them? they just messed up their lives, they are very busy taking care of other countries, even though they themselves are a mess.

  3. Mark Jacobson is wrong. Most of the Afghan government and military forces gave up. Sure some fought on, but most gave up. They had air support. We bought them planes, helicopters, drones, etc. We trained their pilots. What are we supposed to do if they were too inept to utilize them correctly? How do you lose an entire country in a week?

  4. Every sane human being know it was only a matter of time before the taliban start the killing, they don't know peaceful coexistence they will be more killings

  5. Also world's most favoured nation "Pakistan is spreading the virus of terrorism " and yet the super powers need more to consider sanctioning the country… When it comes to srilanka they are in UN trying to prove innocence against allegations by america lolz UN is blind can't it see the atrocities being carried in Afghanistan… what a shame

  6. UN allowed Israel to kill innocent Palestinians. No sanctions so far. Why don't U.S invade Israel, în order to protect rights of women and children of Palestine. Double Standards. UN = US + UK

  7. Wow… Taliban already treating Protestors like the French and American police, beating them and sometimes even shooting at them.
    Seems like Taliban is Westernized now. Seems like Progress.

  8. All Afghans living at west abandon their heritage land? Will they forget their parents and relatives? All Afghans living abroad will stay protesting instead goes back to their lands?

  9. they should have had those protests BEFORE their army disbanded in abject cowardice, to let their army know that they had popular support backing them.. can't get any dumber than this

  10. Do or die with honour .We will remember the heroes of Panjshir forever.Your names will be written in History, who only surrend to Allah not to the terrorists..Love from India.All civilians of Afghanistan rise up and gather together against the inhuman Taliban's and join the heroes of Panj shir ,your only hope.

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