Afghanistan: What are the Taliban's sources of income? | DW News

Afghanistan: What are the Taliban's sources of income? | DW News

Now that the Taliban are about to run a whole country, experts are wondering what their sources of income will be and how they will use them. German expert Hans-Jakob Schindler risks a look ahead.


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  1. oh my god what are we doing as america and our allies not tapping into their minerals?!?!?!?! We need to nuke it and take it all and strip them bent over!!!

  2. China is going to modernize Afghanistan, they will build modern freeways. Taliban might actually be the reason why Afghanistan gets modern infrastructure, hilarious.

  3. Taliban are very dedicated folk, very sincere in what they do. They would be amazing evangelists. Those of us that are believers in Jesus, let's pray for them that they would turn to the truth, and start promoting the only True Living God of the Bible.
    Let's pray that they would have dreams, visions and visitations, that they would be healed in soul, and would spread Gods love, not sword to others in their land…

  4. America was the main source it seems the second trump made his deal that the Taliban started executing their take over and trump played golf instead putting his deal in action and start pulling the assets out of there but he played golf instead he had no plan and was never going to live up to pulling out he left it to the dems because he knew he would lose in 2020

  5. America only invested on people's Afghanistan for the BENEFITTED to only people's of Afghanistan which means not worrying about its country's resources like minerals or crude oil. And America never thought about making money off of people's of Afghanistan then now who wants to get its hands on potential its money making opportunity? Is it China? Again. "Love of money is root of all evil"

  6. The real battle is fought on indian media,they plan,they control,they make alliances,they draw stratigies,they make decsions of winner and looser all is here which you never found in actual battle field of afganistan

  7. Why didn’t we blow up those opium fields before we left.oh yeh Joe ‘I’ll screw my own country over and every body in it’ Biden that guy need to go next we be asking taliban for help or offer them help.

  8. Nobody would want to invest in a country that is unstable. Believe China would be the same. Afghanistan may start a civil war again like what happened after the Soviet pulled out. The number two person of the Afghan government swore on TV that he would not work with Taliban. ISIS is Taliban's swore enemy. A lot of fractions there. There are quite a few different ethnic groups there and Taliban is only one of them.

  9. There is was Rumors that there are thousands of China Army Soldiers in Pakistan in the Mountions and have been there for awhile just waiting for the U.S. to leave Afghanastan

  10. All fellow peoples of All Countries dont be so Nieve and Ignorant, Chinas intentions are dishonest and what they want is control of the World, we need to watch our backs and not Trust them. I just cant believe these ignorant Taliban Men have made such a deal with Chins. The Chinese Soldiers are just waiting for the U.S. and its Allies to leave Afghanastan. I fear that we didnt think more thru on how we were to exit Afghanastan and if indeef was the right time, especially when China is just waiting to jump in

  11. Opium is used as an excuse. Afghanistan is full of expensive minerals. US has plundered Afghanistan and they have taken what they could! Have you ever asked who made Taliban?

  12. Shame on you fabricating such lies and throw it shamelessly to world, no decency what so ever. Ask your own drug barons: US and talk about opioid scandal out there. Shame on you westerners.

  13. I know why the US left all that equipment it's cuz they want Americans to hate China cuz they feel that China is becoming too intimidates our government and if Afghans are telling people on the news that the Afghans are selling equipment to China to try to get Americans to hate Chinese which is wrong to do our government is just as corrupt as other government Sweden New Zealand are a couple of really good countries are Democratic Socialist which is the Perfect combo everybody gets medical the same and it's the best medical and they get to make their own business laws was instead of the government making the laws the business can make as much as they want but in their country the rich they also do that in Germany like to donate money a lot to environmental protection causes I'm really shameful of the American government capitalism does not work it's based on greediness and not caring about others don't get me wrong I don't like the Taliban either

  14. Not from opium, that’s for sure.

    Opium is trafficked by the American military industrial complex and Republicans. Why do you think they’re going nuts? Biden took their drugs away.

  15. 20 years the american fighting for nothing. The Taliban, Turkey, Pakistan, Russian and CCP China is happily ever after digging mountains of gold, silver, lithium, emerlites, rare earth…who needs dollar any how