Thousands of migrants stuck on Belarus-EU border | DW News

Thousands of migrants stuck on Belarus-EU border | DW News

In recent weeks, thousands of migrants, mainly from Iraq, have been flying to Belarus on tourist visas before attempting to cross over into neighbouring EU countries Lithuania, Poland and most recently Latvia. The EU accuses Belarus’ authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko of encouraging irregular migration in an attempt to blackmail the EU into withdrawing sanctions against his regime. But as Belarus’ EU neighbours have tightened controls along their frontiers, migrants are finding it ever more difficult to make the crossing – and in many cases Belarus seems unwilling to let them back in.


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  1. Applying the logic of the comments then When Europeans migrated to America should they be allowed in America? The native Americans were there first soooo

    Literally you people are white nationalists brainrot

  2. It is better to face relativley mild force from the officials than actually meet up with right wing that are patrolling in the forests in Latvia and Lithuania plus special forces

  3. I agree with latvia. Belarus is good enough for them. And since belarus invited them, belarus should now take care of them. There is no taliban in belarus, no wars, they have all the european infra structure, internet, etc. Absolutely no other reason than unwillingness for them to stay in belarus.

  4. If you want to go to Poland, get a visa at the Polish Embassy in your home country… just like I did;
    If you are in dire need of food, water and "medical care" get a job in Belarus.

  5. The Baltic states and Poland have the benefit of seeing the effects uncontrolled immigration is having on countries like Italy, Germany, France and Britain why would any country go down the same route when the first duty of any government is the protection of their citizens. Would Riga or Warsaw be better cities if they had the gangs and stabbings of London ?

  6. If you want to abolish immigration, put out the wars and chaos that are created by the intelligence of European countries and the United States, and the evidence is Afghanistan before you and what the United States of America did to it. Africa and the Middle East suffer from wars because of international policies

  7. It's a sad thing that genocidal terrorist organizations like Amnesty International or polish Granica are still smuggling illegal imigrants, including kids, to areas where their life is in danger. AI sees no problem in murdering kids to achieve its political goals. They should be outlawed and charged with crimes against mankind.

  8. As in France or in the whole of Western Europe, it is enough that a first wave enters to contaminate and reduce the country to ashes culturally, only once ….
    that they are careful. Funny paradox, it is the USSR which has in fact in some way saved the countries of the East…