Tucker Carlson Blames Afghan Collapse on Women's Rights

Tucker Carlson Blames Afghan Collapse on Women's Rights

In a disturbing rant following the fall of the Afghan government, Tucker Carlson is blaming it on identity politics and gender studies in Afghanistan… Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET. http://youtube.com/tyt/live

Read more HERE:  https://www.mediaite.com/tv/tucker-carlson-blames-radical-gender-politics-for-contributing-to-us-failure-in-afghanistan/

“Fox News’ Tucker Carlson suggested on Monday night that one of the reasons the United States lost in Afghanistan was because of gender politics.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur


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  1. If you needed further proof that Tucker Carlson is a complete Fricking moron, well here it Is! He should be treated as an Afghanistan woman, for a day. Maybe he will be 'woke' then. Frigging moron

  2. Carlson is a few clowns short of a circus! A malignant tumor on top of a hemorrhoid! With refugee women coming here to flee the Taliban, will show him what women think of him.

  3. Your proof is 40% higher than average stock performance to blame military contractors? That isn't far off from general government contractors in all sectors. I agree that contractors take advantage of government pay guarantees, but they do that outside of the Afghanistan Conflict and will continue to do so outside of Afghanistan. I'm not saying that you are wrong to call out the misogynistic and outrageous comments of Tucker Carlson (more attention should have been spent on calling all Afghans stone age people). I am saying your side comme t "smoking gun" was the cold barrel of a different piece.

  4. The only difference between the American right wing and the Taliban is there's a left wing in America constantly fighting for human rights. The goals of Republicans and the Taliban are very similar.

  5. Wait, so people representing places they've never been or are qualified to represent is perfectly fine when American Republicans do it, but when women in Afghanistan apparently do it, they're the reason the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan?

    Good Ole Tucker. Rolling sexism, racism, and xenophobia all into one steaming pile of shit.

  6. Bernie goes on Fox News, TYT:

    See it's great because he's bringing a left wing message to a right wing audience and winning them over.

    Jimmy goes on Fox News (Tucker Carlson), TYT: 5:40

    TYT, your message is only going to this circle jerk echo chamber. No one else is listening. MSM ignores you and many left wingers who USED to watch you every day have left (like me).

    There is NOTHING wrong with finding common ground. If we both believe in the same policy, who cares if our rationale for it is different? You would have the left wing sliced up into irrelevancy with gatekeepers and rightthink.

    You talk about how JIMMY agrees with TUCKER. No, no. If you actually bothered to watch the segments with Jimmy on Tucker, Tucker barely gets a word in edgewise. Jimmy is espousing ONLY left wing positions: ending the war, medicare for all, etc. So what's the difference between you and Jimmy? Jimmy actually holds the Democrats to account, and that includes the Squad (of whom you give an eternal free pass). He recognizes, as I do, that they provide nothing more than rhetoric and will never push the Dems left making them utterly irrelevant in Washington.

    So enjoy this circle jerk talking about how "stupid" anyone is who doesn't agree with you, but understand that outside of your audience, you are a joke. Your positions could net you giant salaries on MSNBC, by that I mean being shills for the Democratic party. You are not journalists, you are stenographers for the elite.

  7. it's the opposite, they want their women to be free of having to work so they can take care of the family, it's beautiful, kids love it and the Afghan women love it too, they're in their natural role of wives and mothers.

  8. Oh Tucker, when it comes to woman, we know your not a professional. You didn't think it was wrong to go to dinner with Matt Geatz and his under-age date. I can only imagine how you treat your daughters. Brainwashing them with your cancerous B.S. I truly feel pitty for them.