Delta variant hospitalizations make vaccine skeptics regret their decisions | DW News

Delta variant hospitalizations make vaccine skeptics regret their decisions | DW News

Much of the United States is now in the grip of a new wave of coronavirus infections. The so-called Delta variant has helped fuel a surge in hospital admissions, especially in states with low vaccination rates and high scepticism. Now some former vaccine skeptics are voicing regret after falling ill.


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  1. Covid has killed less than 1% of the population, so sorry for your weak genes. If you had taken the weaponized shot, you would be dying of cancer in 10 years anyway. Don't be fooled. All the wealthy, elite class, politicians, and lawmakers are not getting the shot. They are either exempt or getting a placebo shot. Next pandemic will be in 2031. The cancer pandemic.

  2. the reason is not being a sceptic their thoughts were on principle. why because if they did not stop risky behavior like going in crowds, going to biz places. not taking precautions when going in public is the reason they got it in the 1st place.

  3. 45,000 deaths and counting from the Pfizer vaccine alone with only 16% of healthcare workers reporting thru VAERS. Not to mention the tens of thousands injured or maimed for life, cardiac issues, blood clots & more. Yet all of you sheep are buying this hook, line & sinker. People who resist the vaccine are not the problem. Side effects are gonna be big time long term.

  4. The "vaccines" are made from the original Wuhan strain making it an antigen specific "vaccine". Unless "boosters" are made based off of the "variants" of concern, there is no way this vaccine will help with the Delta or any other variant. What happened to follow the science.?

  5. Separation of church and state. When one sees a preacher say to congregation one is not allowed in church with a mask. When religious leaders actively encourage people not to get a vaccine that has been demonstrated to work.

  6. It should still be a personal choice. Instead of spreading fear, have more discussions with Doctors and get better informed. Stop trying to scare everyone into getting vaccinated and present them with science and case study. Also discuss all options with your doctor, and seek 2nd opinion if nessessary. At the end of the day survival rate is 97.8 and only a 1.2 percent chance of dying. Media will only show you all the cases of people dying, instilling fear. Im not against vaccine, i'm vaccinated but i did all my research and talked to several doctors on which vaccine is best for me. I still think it should be a personal choice. No one should be forced to do a medical proceedure against there will. Its like the cancer patient that refuses to do chemo therapy, or the person with high blood pressure that refuses to take medicine, we aren't critcizing and banning those people from society, or firing those people from there jobs. Remember if you are vaccinated you are protected, so it shouldn't matter if the person next to you isn't. You can still catch covid and spread it even if you are vaccinated. People need a 101 on this. so with that being said do your homework/research and make the dicision based on that.

  7. People r still getting COVID after getting Vaxed .It Suppose to keep you out the hospital but just like the Unvaxed you can pass it on to love ones & friends.Think people,that’s why you have a brain.

  8. You should check out terrain theory and learn the truth about disease. Do not let the government stick anything they've created into your body

  9. Over 7000 people have died from the vaccine per the CDC. You can still contract covid and spread it if vaccinated. My
    ICU is full of EQUAL numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, BOTH on vents and dying. Ive had covid twice and have a lovely level of antibodies with no residual health effects. I refuse to take this garbage vaccine or believe the garbage media coverage that is inaccurate. I take care of my health and am not overweight. I have 4 autoimmune diseases and heart failure yet covid was still just a temporary illness for me. Take the vaccine if you want. Your immunity doesn’t last long from the vaccine or natural immunity. Stop forcing this on people! Make the decision that is best for you and your family. There is risk either way.

  10. You are trying to reach people who have been radicalized against masks & vaccines as much as any 911 terrorist ever was. It is mob mentality/peer pressure that deafens ears to rational objectivity.

    It's going to get much much worse, only when bodies start piling up will people understand the threat but then it will be too late.

  11. Given the circumstances maybe we just have to stop allowing people who refuse to be vaccinated into hospitals at all. Let them die at home since they don't believe in medical science when it provides them with the means of preventing serious illness in a very easy and accessible fashion they go out of their way to avoid it and condemn it. So let them die at home instead of effing up our hospitals.

  12. Vaccine is not a solution, exercise daily, took vitamin C to boost your immune system,drink lots of water and eat healthy foods!!!GOD IS WATCHING, Natural disasters will fall on countries who lies about COVID-19!Beware human!