Eviction moratorium complicates rental business

Eviction moratorium complicates rental business

Gary Zaremba has responded to the long-running eviction moratorium by selling off dozens of properties. He still has a quarter of tenants struggling to pay rent and is owed $30,000 in back rent from his tenants. (Aug. 19)

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  1. Give renters what they want – govt-supplied housing.

    Get out of the landlord business – there are other asset classes to invest in.

    The worst thing that could happen is happening to these tenants: decline in the supply of rental housing. All the owners of a condo they rent out or a home they rent out sell to a buyer, not rent to a renter.

    Anyone notice how there is a shortage of apartments right now? It will get worse, the longer the moratorium lasts, as more landlords quit and take their rental permanently off the market.

    It's the politicians' job to inform the public about these facts and the politicians are not doing it.

    Maybe it doesn't matter, because a lot of renters are not smart enough to understand what happens when the product or service they want to purchase begins to vanish and a shortage occurs.

    "Govt project housing for everyone" "I live in the Projects" said the tenant.


  2. Not understanding this at all pretty sure there are funds out there to be helping ppl what's the problem??? And Im sorry I don't feel bad for you,it's obvious that you don't know what it feels like to have to live in that kind of situation …shame on you…..

  3. It's funny because he owns 310 units,you have so much money you've made that you own 310 homes that you probably rent over 1000 a month for so that's 310000 a month get over yourself people are suffering and can't pay doesn't mean they all aren't paying

  4. The tenant has to sign as well, and if they are not paying to just not pay they arent signing and the landlord cant do anything cuz they need the cooperation of the tenant… its so sad we are doing this to so many ppl… so many are taking advantage of it, in GA well over 500k ppl are behind on rent, and when this was gonna end in july 5 metro Atlanta counties had already filed over 140k evictions, this is some of the reasons rent is so high, no houses and landlords trying to make up losses, its so sad, we've been looking to rent for a year and everything is either twice the price it should be, has 100apps in 24hrs, or just doesnt exist…

  5. The moratorium is very bad policy. It protects every renter. In my state, you can't post an eviction or late notice. Even if Bill Gates were renting, you couldn't start an eviction process even if he weren't paying.

  6. This video is devoid of acknowledging that with the moratorium comes Government money to cover the rent for both small and large landlords who don't evict! The only caveat is that landlord or tenant apply for the assistance and that States do all they can to expeditiously administer the funds. The AP needs to do a better job of investigative journalism and not headlining one side of a dilemma or story!

  7. This is just becoming insane they either end up on the street or they end up stay in a home with their family. I get why landlords are so angry but guess what you got a stimulus on top of ppp on to of housing loans worth up to literally 4 brand new homes what are the landlords doing with that money this one so clearly is not using his for his property

  8. If tenants haven't applied the landlord can agree to participate and apply on behalf of the tenants . Just notify the tenants. If tenants applied the case worker will contact landlord to verify rent owed . If owner refuses to participate then that's on him or her. But instead of going through eviction process and might not get the money paid. It's better to apply for the assistance.

  9. If the state created an emergency mandate to not evict people on the streets for Covid, they should have offered to pay a portion on the rents directly to the landlords to offset their cost of maintenance and repair. Then the tenants who received stimulus checks, ppp loans, pua and unemployment plus tax returns, should have been made to pay portions of the back rent with that money or risk being block out of any future rentals with any landlords including income based!! A lot of people took a holiday to not pay bills and went bought new cars and clothes with that money!! These judges should have looked into these bank accounts to see what the tenants did with the monies before extending any moratorium! Each moratorium should been issued on case by case basis and housing inspectors should have been put to work on these cases asking judge for an extension to see if the tenants trashed the units before moving out so they could face charges on theft by property damage!! Some people really needed that extension but a whole lot of people just didn't pay, instead they went shopping, eating and tiktoking off the money!!

  10. Rent moratorium isn't ending on October 3rd 2021, why it's not safe it'll be fall , congress and the cdc will say so, try April 1st 2022 and that's unlikely due to the increase infections we are seeing,

  11. Those tenants who haven't paid a dime in rent for month's or more than a year are no longer renters but rather squatters. We live in a country where you pay your bills or suffer the consequences. Eviction and bankruptcy aren't pleasant but life is full of hills and valleys and government can't bail you out when the $h*t hits the fan.

  12. This is why I never understood the stimulus for all approach; wouldn't a voucher specifically for rent rather than free money for everyone (employed or not) have been more expedient?

  13. What the heck did these tennants do with their $600 a week unemployment money? No pity here except for landlords. It took me 6 months in my small town to find another rental when mine was sold.