Summer of floods: Know how countries dealt with devastating floods | English News

WION Wideangle | Summer of floods: Know how countries dealt with devastating floods | English News

At least 12 countries across the world witnessed deadly floods in the month of July. No one could escape the effects of these floods, not even the developed countries in the world. In this show, know how countries dealt with this natural disaster.

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  1. "Global Warming" is just an excuse for terrible construction mistakes – when we concrete all surfaces, where the water should go ? And the Chinese are notorious for disregard of the environment – and not talking about CO2 – eroding landscapes by deforestation and buildings regardless of waterways. In Germany – probably everybody is rejoicing because the insurance will pay for everything and they can build everything brand-new again.

  2. Rotating earthquake is already predicted in our book of hadis in Islam .Today is happened Nepal and tomorrow will be on somewhere other place.This a sign the end of the world in coming years to come.

  3. Temperature rising is no longer just a report by scientists/researchers, but it’s real. This affects on every corners of earth. However we’re still burning enormous amount of fuels everyday by cars, boats, airplanes, factories, constructions and even gardening. The rising temperature causes domino effects:droughts, fires, floods, sand storm, hails and extreme weather conditions. In results, food resources (farms, water, ocean, forests)will be harmed greatly. The natures have been very patient with humans, but not any more.

  4. This is not climate change it’s the deepstate using direct energy weapons!!! SO THEY CAN JUSTIFY STEALING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR SO CALLED GREEN ENERGY AND OTHER BOGUS PROGRAMS

  5. STOP working ……..slavery………everywhere………….throw away your silver and gold………’s the only way and give and share with everyone ………humble …….thankful and respect……….CLEAN up and eat ………..then do it again and again………forever JESUS Christ LISTEN

  6. Screw covid! Homes are either flooding or burning the world over due to a 3,600 year solar cycle and we're supposed to worried about a computer generated virus? Meanwhile Obama had a 60th birthday party bash with 500 celebrity guests and no social distancing or wearing masks.

  7. Most of us are not prepare for those desasters and the cities close to rivers and the sea are in danger. Goverment arround needs to clean up the cities and prepared for evacuations in case of these situations. Civilians needs to be aware of climate change.

  8. Today is 9 Aug 2021. I am at my home town Varanasi, India (in the U.P. province). The river Ganges is flooding. I can see the river from my rooftop. Ganges is rising by 2cm per hour. I hope we survive.

  9. When just One person turns from a sinful way of life…. to a life led by just doing the" right thing" it's amazing how that One person has a complete turnaround in their life circumstances. Just imagine if more people would do it! …. It would be a ripple effect ….. It rain on the just as well as the unjust. Devastation happens to the just as well as the Unjust … We need to turn from our Evil , Wicked ways of Self-Centeredness of Hatred And EXTREME Greed …. And Surely the destroying of our Home that We are so very Blessed with and turn back to God Our Creator………….. And Start living how we were intended to live and treat each other………