Alone: Clay Goes the Distance (Season 8) | History

Alone: Clay Goes the Distance (Season 8) | History 1

Clay continues to tough it out – but being away from his family is starting to get to him. Luckily, he won’t be gone for much longer, in this clip from Season 8, “The Reckoning.”

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The HISTORY Channel’s hit survival series “Alone” is back like never before and taking place in the most dangerous location yet. In Season 8, 10 contestants fight to survive in the Canadian wilderness on the shores of Chilko Lake, British Columbia. Equipped with just 10 items and a camera kit, each participant must survive in total isolation, with the hopes of lasting the longest and winning the $500,000 prize. Not only must they endure hunger, loneliness and the elements, but this season, they also face the deadliest predator in North America: the grizzly bear. No camera crews. No gimmicks. It is the ultimate test of human will.


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  1. Clay is the deserving winner, didn't just come in 100 pounds overweight and play the starvation game like Biko… Biko had absolutely no survival skills to hunt or fish, foreging onions isn't a skill…

  2. Great for clay, would of been great to see his loved ones appear behind him like previous seasons. I was backing biko from episode 1 and actually have only seen upto day 35 as i guess it airs alot behind in N.Z

  3. Clay deserved the win he did great but i thought Colter and Theresa could have continued, they didnt seem to be in any imminent danger besides grizzly bears fisher cats and mountain lions…they didnt tap out, let them sign waiver or check them every couple days, worst part of the show is seeing people who are seemingly ok get taken out, its not the fattest man competition, clay may have tapped caused he missed his family, Colter was not showing those signs either was Theresa, Biko looked eligible for medically extraction cause of his heart papiltations, Clay did get the deer and rabbits he did amazing, just think they take people out too early, obviously Rose had to go, but Colter and Theresa were not like Rose, great season other than that. That rainbow Clay saw was so beautiful. and give them more money.

  4. With my 28years of camping experience ,In a situation you need shelter,food,water,you stay in one spot don't spend energy on tasks that don't improve your situation,find enough food to last,not day to day foraging .eat anything thing you can.

  5. I can't believe iv wasted so much time watching a show where people with the highest skill level are cast off the show due to fat loss and the woman who just sleep in a half a$$ shelter for 90 days are glorified. Smh

  6. I think every cop in America should be forced to do this show. Just so they know how it feels to be harassed, hunted down & chased like a rabbit dog, scared of being attacked, brutally harmed, or killed by a wild bear or animal. Then they'll know just how black people feel in America. Real talk.

  7. Man. Everytime I see these guys cry after being gone for a couple months because they miss their families it angers me. They VOLUNTEERED to do this and then break after a couple weeks or months. They knew what they were signing up for. I used to get just as mad at my buddies in Iraq. I would be out there 9 months of every year for 7 years. Yeah of course I missed my family but it didn't bring me to tears. Not even when I was isolated and couldn't talk to them for months on end. Cry when you leave to go out there, Cry when you get home. Don't be blubbering in the middle.