How NASA’s New Spacesuit Could Stall the 2024 Artemis Moon Landings.

How NASA’s New Spacesuit Could Stall the 2024 Artemis Moon Landings.

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NASA is due to return to the moon in 2024 but before they can do that they will need the new spacesuits which they have been developing for 14 years, trouble is it looks like thats not going to happen.
In this video we look at the NASA’s sapce suit from Apollo to the the ISS and why they need a new one and why that causing such a problem.

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Written, Researched and Presented by Paul Shillito
Images and Footage : NASA, ILC, Hamiltion Standard, Ivan Safyan Abrams

The NASA report in to the new spacesuits is here

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  1. What about Jim suit that were developed in the 70's. It was designed to be operational to more than 1200 feet below the sea level? The pressure at this depth is huge. There must be a equiv. design. Just opinion from this Canuck or just how much money can be made.?

  2. Might as well just use VR and a full body articulated robot and call it a day, if you really really need to send a human outside on rare occasions, just use an original moon suit with better resistive materials. It boggles the mind how with all the tech we've already developed in the last 60 years that they've screwed this up this bad.

  3. Actual content starts at about 09:30 and lasts for one minute and forty eight seconds. Everything else is either sponsors, please subscribe bullshit, or just reading the wikipedia page of the old nasa space suits – NOTHING is mentioned about money, or problems or anything. This video is lies.

  4. I had to laugh at the "still won't be ready for the Artemis manned moon missions when they start in 2024". I can't see that being a problem when everything else, including the lander is going to be delayed by several years anyhow.

  5. It is all fake! Man never was on moon! On the moon zero gravity, they have to fly randomly but they don't! Just understand it!

    It is made to cheat Soviet's government, that is all folks! Just forget it and lets make better living here on the earth, no wars, no hate, no stupid religion haters no negative vibes. Friendship Love Music Art Nature etc. There is a lot of things we must to do for better future. Stop thinking about this shit moon mars what ever , "they" do not let us go to the moon or to Mars . Stop waste your energy in this empty themes, it is your energy of life, use it to build better future for your family and for yourself, and your neighbors 😉

    Be good its free!

    "Energy flows where attention goes!"


  6. This situation shows the one thing the science chills can't deny, but can't acknowledge: scientists, engineers and mathematicians became fancy bureaucrats – seeking money, power and political influence rather then technical and scientific discoveries and progress.

  7. This is a misread of the situation. The point of NASA giving out the designs was to REDUCE costs so that different contractors could provide their own suits that NASA would then purchase, at a reduced price compared to doing it internally.

  8. The Apollo Program was THE single most advanced, thorough, and successful thing the mankind has ever done. ALL people who left low Earth orbit returned home alive and healthy! Totally awesome.

  9. Why not just invite private tech companies to participate. I am sure they would ace this much like the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos' space companies have done in rocket design and propulsion work.

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