How Parks And Recreation SAVED Andy Dwyer

How Parks And Recreation SAVED Andy Dwyer

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In the beginning of Parks and Recreation, Andy Dwyer was a shiftless, layabout, that took full advantage of his girlfriend Anne Perkins. But after that first season, the writers of Parks and Rec fell in love with Andy, and began his rebirth as one of the funniest, most charming characters in a sitcom. Without a doubt Parks and Recreation saved the character of Andy Dwyer.

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Editor – Dan Smiley
Writer – Chris Teregis


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  1. A lot of the male characters in Parcs n rec are assholes, it’s the charm of the actors (ie Pratt or Offerman) that makes them likeable. The same lines delivered by different actors could have totally changed how the characters are perceived.

  2. I've found a lot of comedies don't really figure out their footing in the first season. Also, Andy (to me) was never unlikeable, he was almost a real life loveable moron Homer Simpson type.

  3. I wish they got rid of andy, and kept mark, show would have a better balance with ron, and I wouldnt have cringed that hard with the "humor" andy has as a character

  4. So, Andy's are hard to write about. Gotcha. Never cast a character named Andy. What if you just leave off the Y? And surely can't be that bad, right?

  5. – You really oversaid "Ann ditches the loser Dwyer" by a solid 2 minutes.
    – It's a fucking comedy show. Dumping dirt on Dwyer in tent was intended as funny, not deep.
    – Ofc it was easy to get Dwyer likeable. When one is under attack from the rich, the poor will grow closer to them.
    – Wait, aren't you just recapping the show with a focus on Andy Dwyer?
    – The music is a bit pretentious. Still, my kind of stuff is C2M or C1M tho.
    – Props to writing the CC. Reading and writing are way more important that listening and hearing imo.
    – Overall, you don't need to write high-school essays on YouTube. I like Reddit more b/c all the visual flotsam is optional; ulterior media is hyperlinked, making information more streamlined. Even in comments of posts, credible sources are still linked through this method, rather than in a video description. So, if your disposition is of writing essays, Reddit is for you.

  6. I just finished parks and rec but while I was watching the first season I saved about 50 videos like this one and knowing that saved me 1 tear after I finished it though there were still a lot of them

  7. P&R is def my fav out of all of them cuz it was the first one i watched

    Edit: i love ben, ron, april, tom, and andy plus Leslie technically the entite cast lol

  8. Ummm before Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt was a regular on Everwood for four seasons, he did 89 episodes of that show. I think that's a bit more noteworthy that having nine lines in Jennifer's Body.