McEnany: Biden cares more about vacation than American hostages in Afghanistan

McEnany: Biden cares more about vacation than American hostages in Afghanistan

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss President Biden and Vice President Harris leaving D.C. amid the Afghanistan crisis. #FoxNews

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  1. God bless President Biden. Unfortunately there will be some casualties with leaving Afghanistan. Please rest up President Biden and come back refreshed. We need your leadership now more than ever!

  2. REALLY?! “Won’t go to the podium”… seriously?! I am a lifelong Republican and I voted for Trump and even I recognize that Trump wouldn’t speak at the end of his term…. You are a JOKE!! And you are trying to rewrite history. You and those like you are what’s wrong with the GOP that I love!

  3. let’s not let’s NOT forget we trained the rebels to fight Russia when they invaded Afghanistan. Fine we got them to leave Afghanistan. Then we stayed and fought the rebels we trained and armed. Then GOP, Trump, decided on a pull out treaty, set and executed by Biden. As usual, when the USA plays cop or God we leave a nation with a destroyed government! Trump loves only himself. No wisdom…..GOP war strategies. PERIOD!

  4. Kayleign Mcenany is a lying bag of wind; What else can anyone educated think??? I'm a life long republican and FoxFakeNews (who lost their attempt to air in England because English Courts indicated that FoxNews misrepresents the truth and is clearly not balanced) combined with this ill-repute are evil. They all laugh all the way to their personal bank… Wake up Republicans!

  5. Funny how Trump did nothing but take vacations. At least Biden is going to the proper place on vacations to not disrupt areas. He went on vacation to Camp David. You guys are a bunch of clowns.

  6. The crisis-free administration that McEnany is envisioning included (among other things):

    * Donald Trump being impeached by the House for an attempted quid pro quo with Ukraine

    * Donald Trump being impeached by the House for his role in the January 6 Capitol riot — an insurrection that left more than 100 police officers injured and five people dead

    * The Covid-19 pandemic ravaging across the United States

    * 37 people and entities being charged with crimes as part of Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Seven people were sentenced to prison.

  7. Seems Biden takes long weekends every weekend! He's a total narrasist and psychopath and has no remorse for the American people!! This has to stop! Harris is useless too!! Pelosi it's just a nightmare! Whoever has authority, please do something before this country goes up in smoke!

  8. A Kayleigh video where comments are not turned off. And Trump stayed at the white house because he knew if he lost his aXX would be found out and go to prison. Go Kayleigh! You are going to fall face first into your own ShXX!

  9. Oh, Kalyeigh! 
    Completely forgot (GOP) Ted Cruz's Cancun trip- abandoning his freezing constituents-yah- we hear you- same BS as when you were well paid to lie for Trump as "press secretary" (Ivanka look alike….)
    Now you're making more lying for Fox .
    Still have the same lack of credibility.
    Let me know when you are going to follow Tucker's advice, and get the horse dose of Ivermectin (I'm sure poison control will be able to get you right in….).

  10. Whatever Fox News… on the night of the election your little blond bitches sat there with psychopathic grins on their face as Trump lost… and Trump in on all of this too- shame on you all

  11. How many times did the democrats complain about Trump on vacation? Big difference, Trump didn't half finish a job. He deserved his golf trips.

  12. . She can’t even study her notes. She’s a joke.

    Pretty face won’t give you everything honey. ASAP Kayleigh get your Botox again, it’s really showing through the eyes. Especially on camera. The lip injections are a litttle off & they left the wrinkles by each side of the mouth.