Blade Brought Marvel Films Into the Mainstream

Blade Brought Marvel Films Into the Mainstream

A few movies come to mind when thinking who actually kicked up the modern Superhero Craze we’re all in. Some point to the Fox X-Men movies, some point to Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy. But before all that, one leather clad vampire hunter named Blade came to the silver screen and proved that modern Superhero movies were actually profitable. The Blade Trilogy may not have stood the test of time with most audiences, but with the upcoming reboot for Marvel, our favorite Vampire Hunter will be back in action and better than ever before.

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Written by Dave Baker
Edited by Dave Sadvari


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  1. Mahershala Ali is a fantastic actor but I don't think he can live up to the original Snipes especially if its PG -13. Cant do Blade justice with a PG -13 rating. The first two Bade movies are classics. Some Mahershalas always trying ice skate uphill.

  2. 20 yrs before Black Panther , Blade was the first Black super hero film of Marvel Studio ( it was one of Marvel's studio first project (Licensing film project) )

  3. Tl;Dr: Back before Blade released, the only Superheroes that gained mainstream success was Batman & Superman, but when Marvel Comics got bankrupt and was forced to sell movie rights to other companies, it was a success waiting to happen as New Line Cinema released Blade and it became successful, jumpstarting Marvel's budget and moved on to make Fox's X-Men & the Raimi Spider-Man, that became the era where the Superhero genre as a whole achieved mainstream success, not just Batsy & Supes, and Blade pioneered it

  4. People do like to forget Spawn (1997). The movie was … not great, but it did gross double the budget, and to young me, it was cool AF. Blade was cooler, though.

  5. Blade is not a good movie. His introduction was lame, the villains were weak and the throwing the nurse across to the next building scene is so stupid how can anyone take this movie seriously? Take the rose colored glasses off, this movie sucked.

  6. it annoys me that so many people are up black panthers ass for being "the first black superhero icon!" or whatever, when in reality blade was the first one. it was the first R rated comic movie i think and so many people forget and disrespect it when its such a good fucking movie. snipes was the best person to be blade too, he really got into it and if i remember correctly he was really into the part and trained hard for it n such. actors dont do that anymore. it also tells me those people who are soo into the BLM shit dont actually care, otherwise they'd know about blade and wouldn't be saying black panther is the only one ever or is the first one ever. i also remember seeing blade in theaters, i was 9 years old and i thought it was the most badass movie ever, i was so into it and all about blade afterwards for awhile. it was the time where those rock songs were in movies, mostly when its fight scenes, and i miss that. as corny as it is i miss the movies where the hero is in the middle of a circle of bad guys and the music kicks in and its 3 min of non stop action and you're just so pumped.

    im more of a fan of blade than the matrix (lots of people say the matrix kicked off the badass superhero type of shit) and the big reason is because the matrix feels like its written by a 13 year old fan boy. i re watched both movies recently and i haven't seen either since it came out in theaters and my god. blade held up, its as good as i remember but with the matrix, like i said it felt like fanfiction. i was cringing so hard at the movie and ill be honest, im not sure if it was the movie itself or all the matrix rip-offs over the years making fun of the matrix formula that i just assume the matrix is a joke now. the matrix isn't a bad movie, its just plays out like a fantasy, neo is "the one", its his name for fucks sake, thats mary sue shit if you ask me. then hes in this world where hes basically god and he takes down uhm. i forget who the bad guys are but its basically the government. thats such a fantasy premise for a 13 year old boys fanfic on the matrix forums lol.

    it does make me sad when people dont know that there were superhero movies before the matrix and the matrix isn't even a superhero movie. do your damn research people, you're missing out on good shit!!!

  7. Funny how the movie supposedly created all these changes to the character in 1998 despite the fact that his version of Blade already existed in the Spiderman animated series in 1995. Huh…
    Edit: Plenty of people already pointed out how these changes already existed for the character not just in the cartoon, but also the comics of the early 90s and beyond. Seems to me plenty of people already worked on adapting him and I'm glad so many noticed.

  8. Not sure of the time frames, but I think "The Crow" predates this and serves as a better "Father" to the modern super-hero genre. And I also have to suggest that "Buffy" (despite being mostly a TV show) makes for a much better "Mother" to the modern super-hero genre

  9. BLADE from 1998 may have saved the "Superhero Genre" but today there are many superhero in
    television and movies.

    BLADE's outfit is much better and movable that other superheroes movies try to adopt.

    Remember "The Matrix" why all the characters wear sunglasses at night it is because of BLADE.

  10. Blade was at one point the most Popular Black Superhero ever adapted and an icon to a Generation of Black Kids who grew up on Hip Hop,Martial Arts Films,Japanese Anime and Video Games.
    I do consider Spiderman 2002 the Equivalent of Superman 1978 in terms of Cultral Influence and Success,but this is what peaked into the tip of the Gold Rush of Comic Book Films that we have now.

  11. The golden age of super hero or comic book movies is 1998-2008. Comic book movies such as Constantine didn't always stick to the source material but they was dark and edgy. And not family friendly

  12. By all intents and purpose, Blade is the MCU. Whether you admit it or not, blade laid the blueprint of how a comic book movie is suppose to work or make sense. Without Blade I don’t think we’d even have the MCU or even in a lesser form Spiderman or X-Men. From the tone to its cast and characters to its environmental aesthetic, Blade coming out at the tail end of the 90s during the leather trench coat era helped it push to mainstream really gain traction. Blade was a “lightning in a bottle” and deserves its flowers. Also, Blades intro at the Blood Rave in the beginning is still the most Legendary opening of any comic book movie to date…

  13. I just hate how some ppl try to credit Iron-Man and/or X-Men as the movies that started "the current comic book movie craze", of modern times. Blade's success kicked it all off & deserves praise for doing so. I just hope Blade is done justice, when he's finally brought to the MCU. With the success of Black Panther, there's no real reason Blade can't be equally as successful (especially given his past track record of pretty much bringing comic book movies back in the mainstream, for the modern day).