'Filthy Pride': Marching for LGBTQ+ rights in Orbán's Hungary

'Filthy Pride': Marching for LGBTQ+ rights in Orbán's Hungary

Patrik and Zsolt are activists and YouTubers representing LGBTQ+ people in Hungary, where a new ‘anti-paedophile’ law means it is illegal to educate about or to promote LGBTQ+ issues to under-18s. This law follows earlier restrictions by Viktor Orbán’s government on trans rights and adoption by gay parents. Patrik and Zsolt think gay people are the latest scapegoats for the governing Fidesz party, but Budapest’s Pride parade is an opportunity to protest against the new laws and to rally support.

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  1. our government constantly ruining our rights and the constitution. article 7 is nothing just a bad word and that's all? when will this end? the EU just don't give a f*ck about us. we are good for cheap deals. we are not equal. EU leader's statements about evil orbán does not help us. EU should stop funding orbán's illiberal government.

  2. For you anti-LGBT Orban supporters who are looking for some sunnier, drier weather and an opportunity to wear some cool headgear, I understand Afghanistan currently has some openings in operations and logistics.

  3. Ironically, research has repeatedly demonstrated that the most virulently homophobic males are fighting their own homosexual urges. Thus far 346 anxious homophobes have thumbed the video down —- the males are insecure about their masculinity, presumably.

  4. If you are LGBTQ+ and are feeling down because of all the hate, there are many more people that accept and love you, activists will keep fighting for your rights and all your feelings are valid, even if they might not feel it ❤️❤️

  5. Im just a poor guy from apoor country I said this is nat about love … and my comments are deleted by Gardian…. I have a queestion? Why? You talkink abot humaniti You talking about freemind…. but you won't let me say my opinion….

  6. Finally a government brave enough for orchestrating a solid push-back! Ofcourse you are going to complain. Do not underestimate the shear numbers of we the vast majority who support this great leader. I as a parent wish to whole- heartedly thank the Orban establishment for giving me the sole right to educate my children as I see fit.