Nigel Owens reveals the BIGGEST refereeing decisions he had to make | Whistle Watch

Nigel Owens reveals the BIGGEST refereeing decisions he had to make | Whistle Watch

On this week’s episode of Whistle Watch, Nigel looks ahead to The Rugby Championship fixture between the All Blacks and Springboks, revealing which side he thinks will get the win. Plus he answers the Emirates Fan Questions, including revealing the biggest decision he had to make in his refereeing career.

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  1. Hi Gary(RSA) – Sir Nigel Owen , what a humbled , honest too goodness person.Professional , consitent , almost flawless.What a man , what a ref.I salute u. Come on rugby world body , honour Nigel 100TH ( NZ vs RSA)

  2. Hi Nigel, question(s) for you: which match you'd have loved to ref (but didn't) and which one you maybe wished you hadn't refereed (in hindsight). Cheers from Rome, Italy. Ugo

  3. do you think that there are too many rules in rugby now days? The high tackle rule is very difficult to interpret and be consistent……how do you stop a forward that puts his head down and drives forward 5 m from the goal line? Make contact with the head first, refer to TMO and 5 minutes later a penalty against the tackler. If a ball is in control and crosses the goal line try… eliminate lengthy tom decisions

  4. Hi. A fan from NZ here . The two tries that the Boks scored in the second test against Argentina, did the Boks obstruct defenders prior to the try being scored. In the first try 3 backs ran at the 3 defenders and got in their way as the ball was passed behind them. in the second try 3 players broke away from the front of the maul over the try line and the player behind them scored untouched but not bound to any player.

  5. Honestly curious, maybe this is a conversation for you to have with SquidgeRugby but what do you think needs to be done to guarantee second tier teams are growing and improving and can compete in the men's game at the highest levels? And separately, in the women's game? I'm in Canada so i feel this question keenly. Cheers buddy. 🙂

  6. one of if not the best rugby refs in the world IMHO but guess a fair few will disagree
    as to the scrum i would argue their (refs) checklist does not include the 'put in' i've yet too see any scrum half put the ball in straight, 'down the middle' in rugby (internationals and premiership) it is always 'crooked' almost 'feeding the second row' and the 'hooker' almost always has their striking foot off the ground (difficult i know as opposition will wait for this then push/shove) as an ex middle front row man unless the laws have changed i can tell you this is illegal (it is termed 'as foot up') as it denies your opposite number of having a fair attempt at a strike/getting the ball. bit like 'dummying the 'throw-in' at a lineout

  7. I would like to know about the scrum. Sometimes a frontrow clearly slips on muddy field and goes down, but gets penalized for collapse. Why if ut was not intentional?

  8. Nigel, you might be the GROAT, (Greatest Referee Of All Time) but, I think you might be losing your touch. If the ABs defeat SA, will you wear an ABs jersey for the next episode?

  9. Please will you come out of retirement to properly referee a season of English Premier League soccer?

    When managers realise they are losing games because you take appropriate actions against the cheats, actors and whingers, the game would massively improve.

  10. ABs v Boks 100th now being played in North Queensland .Generally a warm dry place. Prior to being rescheduled that match was guaranteed as dry as the match was to be played under the roof in Dunedin. Which incidentally was venue of the very first test match between these great rivals. ABs by 10 just like back in 2019 WC pool round !

  11. Hello Nigel. Big fan, I have two questions for you. 1. Can a referee take back their decision of a red card, for example when Wayne Barnes got his cards mixed up and awarded a red instead of a yellow. Could this be taken back? 2nd. When a penalty is awarded after a try scored and the conversion has taken place; where does the penalty happen along the halfway line? Also, it's a shame you were not picked to referee South Africa vs New Zealand next month.

  12. When N.O. first started reffing springbok games, there was a collective groan when we found out he was the ref. But now we love him. The LEGEND needs to part of the other 2 LEGENDS 100th game.

  13. What do you make of the most recent all blacks wallabies game where Jordie Barrett got a red card when he was in the air and extended his front foot and the wallaby player ran into it?