Sky News Breakfast: No deadline extension in Afghanistan

Sky News Breakfast: No deadline extension in Afghanistan

On Sky News Breakfast with Niall Paterson on Wednesday August 25:

– Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab tells Niall he was concentrated on the job, despite being on holiday when the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan escalated;
– US President Joe Biden says the deadline for his troops to leave Afghanistan will not change;
– and remembering a Rolling Stone – was rock and roll really Charlie Watt’s real love?

Plus the day’s headlines, news-making interviews and the weather where you are today.

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  1. I bet China are the next to occupy Afghanistan, they will crush the Taliban in a week as a show of force to the west. None of the us will complain because they are the Taliban. And then China will route their belt and road initiative through Afghanistan, through Iran and into Africa.

  2. america withdrew turkey came. libya syria iraq balkans bosnia herzegovina albania macedonia azerbaijan ukraine. turkey has become a super power now it's time to bring the world to its knees, everyone will know how!

  3. Great Britain, great minister! Great reaction, great reflex, great empathy, great intelligence, great surprise! The whole UK government is UNFIT to run, just to ruin left over of reputation.

  4. IT IS A DOMESTIC ISSUE     Nobody can change UNLESS they themselves want to change. LOST cause      ONLY Muslim Countries & Champions – Turkey, Pakistan..Muslim Brotherhood & OIC should contribute their resources if required to stabalize this country & WELCOME them to their country as refugees
    If other countries get involved, the outcome NARRATED will be Muslim vs Non-Muslim

    Non Muslim nations should not send in any troops and get trapped in current situation where outcome NARRATED will be Muslim vs Non-Muslim. As Muslims will only support Muslim—– Chin been a new friend of Taliban can send in troops & give UNSUSTAINABLE loans

  5. I just realized that for most of my life the US and UK have been in Afghanistan. And WTF were they doing there? Building a government that folded in less than a month.

  6. This is incredibly sad. I feel so sorry for the people left behind to face the cruelties of the Taliban.I shudder to think about the fate that awaits women in that country! Being a woman in an Islamic country would be a nightmare! This action by our president I believe will be considered to be the greatest mistake of his term. This just encourages Islamic extremism and terrorism. I think we needed to remain a continual military presence there to keep the Taliban and terrorism at bay. This will be seen as a great victory for the Taliban and draw more people to their cause. I expect we will see a rise in terrorism as we have seen before in our country and western nations.

  7. – Spending big money from Qatar in Secret deal with Biden, made the Monster terrorist Taliban into Number 1 power in the world by having Whole Afghanistan with the bonus of billions of $ latest US Army weapons!
    . – What a shame Biden made for the USA to Send CIA CEO secretly to beg the terrorists to extend the withdrawal deadline! 
    – Hamas, after getting more money from Qatar, have started to make tension on the Gaza border with Israel to get in Israel soil and turn into the number 2 power in the world! 
    – Next would be the Iran terrorist regime, because all know the weakness of Biden! He did not even agree to kill Bin Laden!

  8. America’s insurrection and Domestic Threat is leaving American’s and our allies in Afghanistan. American Veterans and civilians have and still are trying to get them out on their own. But, the White House won’t let them! Treason!! Unbelievable!!

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