This Is What Happens When Villains Are Done The WRONG Way

This Is What Happens When Villains Are Done The WRONG Way

A lot of people look back on Spider-Man 3 as one of the worst superhero installments ever made. Looking back, there is one big reason Sony’s Spider-Man flopped, Too Many Villains. Though Spider-Man isn’t the only movie franchise to suffer from this problem, it’s a large reason this movie in particular gets the most hate of all. Will they repeat this problem in Spider-Man No Way Home?

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Writer – Dave Baker
Editor – David Sadvari


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  1. I'm betting that Marvel recognizes the problem with having too many villains that the other Spiderman movies had, so they said "fuck it, we'll do a lot of villains too but it's going to be awesome."
    And it will.

  2. Okay but imagine this. Spider man 3 never had venom and the Harry storyline payed off in a similar way. Spiderman 4 follows the story of Peter being depressed and lonely from the loss of his friend and then the symbiote comes along. amplifying these negative emotions but also giving Peter the confidence seen in spiderman 3. This new Peter places stress on his relationship with mj. And once they fall out, Peter is left alone with the negativity from the symbiote. Causing him to discard it and it getting to Eddie. Not sure how the rest of the story would play out but this would have been a much better way to handle it imo

  3. This is not a problem with number of villains. This is always a story problem. It’s a problem with the story not requiring the number of villains used. Starv Wars has tons of villains but it fits the story. Dark Knight has a bunch too.

    Spider-Man 3 story was two stories mashed together and therefore does not feel cohesive and the venom stuff tacked on. Compare it to the Dark knight where the two villains arcs mix to help support the main story.

  4. The reasons 3 didn't work:
    1. Peter isn't likeable as much. He's cocky and oblivious to mary Jane's needs
    2. Sandman arc was annoying. Rehashing that he actually killed uncle ben was just tiring
    3. Harry losing his memory was dumb
    4. Venom could have been pulled off if he was the main focus

    I would have made venom or sandman the main villain. But sandman would have had a different arc

  5. Spider-man 3 is a great movie for what its trying to be. Its not supposed to be taken seriously. Its supposed to be dumb and goofy with just a few serious moments. If you dont like spider-man 3 your looking at it wrong.

  6. The emotional scenes do not seem that forced. The sand man "i forgive you" scene is really damn good. The film may be very messy but that scene and that line complete peters character arch of that movie he needed to learn to forgive and he did

  7. I'm a little unsure about the new spiderman movie. On the one hand, all these villains could go very badly. On the other, is it even a superman movie series if they don't try and fit way too many villains in the last film?

  8. I reject the notion that Spider-Man 3 has too many villains. Batman Begins had several main villains and was a great movie. The problem is that Spider-Man 3 doesn't synthesise it's elements effectively. It's easier to synthesise elements when there are fewer of them, but various elements is not the real problem.

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