How China Controls The World's Battery Supply

How China Controls The World's Battery Supply

The US state department recently issued a report detailing how China dominates some 80% of the global lithium market. And the People’s Republic is apparently building over 100 new lithium-ion battery plants, all scheduled to come on-stream by the end of this decade.

Join us now on a trip down the mines as we ask how China is taking over Lithium production.


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  1. But $2T INVESTMENTS In never-ending war is allowed…..China's paltry $20B subsidies to Lithium mining companies are now projected as evil and unacceptable. OOOH please, western media should know in the information age, it'll be hard to fool people, at least outside USA.

  2. All these hi-tech were largely available in West but never shared openly with developing countries and people-in-need. Now with China in the lead, such technologies and collaborations help world towards a shared and prosperous future.

  3. +1 dislike for bad timing between sentences. Please don't chop bits out between sentences / please sack your video editor. Good content but annoying (for me) to listen to.

  4. It's not like China want to control it. The world isn't interest in it until the door was knocked. The different between Long term plan and short sight plan…is as you can see

  5. China lowering price is definitely a good thing, look at solar panels, it's doing so much contributions to renewable technology, making it more readily available

  6. Before, the minerals industry like iron ore and nickel was dominated by western mining firms like Glencore and the western media seems to not mind the geopolitical advantage held by the west. 30 years later and now China has the capacity to develop their mining industry, the western media is head over heels about China building up reserves and thus held geopolitical advantage.

  7. The narrative that Elon Musk promises and doesn't deliver, is utterly false and misleading. Elon has consistently met milestone after milestone, and exceeded all expectations in electric vehicle performance, scale, and timelines of electrification. You may think you're being cheeky by throwing a little quip like that in there, but it's essentially disinformation and it negatively affects the industry and the company and all of our futures.  

    Until Elon came along, the most advanced foray into electric vehicles was the Ford Transit Connect VAN a Multi million dollar flop you've never heard of. You really need to understand the context of all the electric vehicle attempts to understand how challenging and monumental an achievement Tesla has attained. I recommend comparing Ford's efforts to those of Elon Musk's, and the delivery on the promises. The performance of these shattered the norms of performance. You gotta have some kind of mind virus to look at those results and come away thinking it's all hot air. It's ridiculous that anyone would open their mouth to say such a thing. What do you really get from perpetuating a false narrative like that? a cheap laugh at the expense of truth? misleading your audience? showing your flippant disregard for factual conveyance of information? I didn't have the intention of being harsh, but really whats the point? Negative narratives have dogged the efforts of Tesla and they continually overachieve, and they may be the most potent of all actions being taken, to save civilization from annihilation, and you just spit on their reputation.

  8. If the battery can turn out to be my investment I will say Investing is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT and Crypto shares are really positively changing people’s lives, I know the problems for technology believers will end soon

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