Minar e Pakistan Incident | Who is Responsible? | Sahil Adeem

Minar e Pakistan Incident | Who is Responsible? | Sahil Adeem

Minar e Pakistan Girl Assault
Minar e Pakistan Girl Incident
Minar e Pakistan Viral Video
Who is responsible of Minar e Pakistan Incident?

Video Credits: @A Simple Argument

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  1. On the day of judgment, can 400 men and this girl can use this excuse or justify their actions based on your theory? They r responsible for their own actions, they know the differences between right and wrong. In this same society VERY nice men and girls exists, listening to same music and the rest. Poor answer.

  2. 1. Sahil sahibdid victim shaming and tried to justify the incident
    2.a major chunk of Art and poetry have been about females since it's inception , if u don't like it it's up to you
    3. The crime here wasn't that 1 or 400 people touched a girl , the crime is that she was violated without her concent
    4. Even if she was nude at a public place , this doesn't give anyone the right to molest her
    5.This maan Behan aurgument is a populist aurgument used by people to gain cheap popularity in masses
    6.The mob psychology point was valid
    7. Enough with the dopamine and serotonin , sir brain doesn't work on these 2 neurotransmitters only

  3. ap ki baty sai hy .pr har banda 1 jasa ni hota .mujy ni lagat k koi song sunay sy koi galat ho sakta hy .koi aysa bi hy jo song ni pasnd karty or hy pir bi galat .harkaty bi galat hy .

  4. مسلمان جس کام میں بھی ہاتھ ڈالتے ہیں تو کافروں کو بھی پیچھے چھوڑ دیتے ہیں اس کی ایک مثال نصیبوں لال کے گانے جو آڈیو میں بھی نہیں سُن سکتے اور ساحل عدیم صاحب نے ٹھیک کہا جیسا ماں باپ کریں گے اولاد بھی ویسا ہی کرے گی

    علامہ اقبال نے کہا
    شور ہے، ہو گئے دنیا سے مسلماں نابود

    ہم یہ کہتے ہیں کہ تھے بھی کہیں مسلم موجود!

    وضع میں تم ہو نصاریٰ تو تمدّن میں ہنود

    یہ مسلماں ہیں! جنھیں دیکھ کے شرمائیں یہود

    یوں تو سیّد بھی ہو، مرزا بھی ہو، افغان بھی ہو

    تم سبھی کچھ ہو، بتاؤ تو مسلمان بھی ہو!

  5. You are totally correct about the molvies who are promoting 4 marriages by using the verses from Quran.
    When Quran tells a man, that he has the right to marry up to 4 women at a time, it also provides the condition that he should be able to maintain equal justice among all of them. And right after in the Quran, Allah says, "If you can't maintain justice among them, just marry one"
    Quran is explaining that to marry more than one wife, you need to pay the ultimate price for it, and that is "Equal Justice", which is incredibly difficult to maintain among wives for people like us.
    If you listen closely to these molvies who are promoting marrying up to 4 wives, aren't actually emphasizing too much on the "Equal Justice" factor, instead, they want a man to marry 4 wives because he can then control his urges and can lower his gaze. Even though on paper it looks and sounds correct, but practically it doesn't. A man whose dopamine level is out of control, even 4 wives will not be sufficed for him, and that person who has the taqwah and parhezgari will suffice on only one.
    In old times, the Muslims never married more women for their urges, but mostly for spreading the deen among their families, to have some political gain or edge over other nations, and to have more children for the greater good.
    May Allah give us and these movlies hidaya. Ameen.

  6. Yahan m apko ghlt bolun maa baap jo hongy esy hi bachy hongy ghlt baat larki ka kusoor nh maa baap ka sukoon h nh……..ab mri ami alma hn m fashion krti hun hajab nh krti accounts public hoty hn too maa baap ki effort tarbiyat bich m kahan se agayi…. Ghlti us larki ki hi thi or cheap hkrt krny walo ki dunya k hr maa baap apni aulad ko achi tarbiyat hi dety hn…. Q k maa jb bachy ko dunya m lati h tu ek hi tariqy se mout k muh se wapsi ati h ek baap aulab ki khuwaishat k agy khud burha krleta h…. Maa baap ki ghlti nh h koi bhi maa baap bhi ek waqt tk smjhaa skty hn baqi youths apna achaa bura khud smjhti h …. Ghlt mashrah h or mashry hi khrb krny waly mashallh se hm hi log hn… Apps ghlt nh hoti creators ghlt h users khrb hn maa baap ghlt nh hn na hi unka koi sukoon ghron k andr haal apko nh… Agr ap apny waliden k farmabardar hn mtlb ye nh wo larki bhi ho m bhi hun… No jawanon ki ghlti h sb pta h phr bhi woi kry gi jis m nuqsaan h ….. Systen khrb h do numbr h jo saza nh di jati…. Abhi jb choti choti bachiyo k ziyati horhi thi usmy shop ek bachi pencil leny gyi thi is m maa baap ki ghlti h k usko bhj dya ya us shop waly k maa baap ki k esi aulab nkli unko pta tha k esa kry ga wo… Ek 8 month ki bachi k sth ziyati ki bedroom m ghus k maa baap ki ghti h… System khrb h sary do numbr log bethy hn…..

  7. Sorry but I don't agree partly with your theories. You lived in US. There are no such stories of mobs attacking one girl even if they are in their bathing suits. Rapes are there which I agree but Law is so strict that no one have courage to do such things. In Pakistan people are so low, morally and also sexually frustrated because of Internet porn which is most watched in Pakistan.
    There is no concept of "Getting caught" in Pakistan. No matter how big your sin is you can get away with almost everything. The system of Law will make you bite your nails. The system of Law in Pakistan will not give you justice but will give you aging, financially break you, will give frustration, stress, strain etc. etc. Criminals knows that after the crime the victim, if tries to go for justice will never get it, in the first place or even if he get it the law will not and cannot reach him. People will forget the issue in 3-4 days. There is no strict FOLLOW UP process of the situations in Pakistan. Its easy to say Risiyat-e-Madina wala Islam to get votes and to get funds. Mr. Imran Khan says we will give power to Judicial system but what if the judicial system is corrupt?? How can you bring justice then??