US Troop withdrawal starts, last 1000 civilians to be airlifted | Latest World English News | WION

US Troop withdrawal starts, last 1000 civilians to be airlifted | Latest World English News | WION

The US is in their final stage of leaving Kabul with just about a thousand civilians left at the airport to be airlifted. With this, the Taliban is set to take control of the Kabul airport.

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  1. The Taliban is too stupid to realize that by appeasing and being flexible they will garner more support for themselves. As it stands they should not be identified as the legitimate government of Afghanistan as they are not ELECTED by the populace. Withhold all aid and support until they stop their brutality. There are too many factions within the Taliban to ever have a central control which EVERY government need to be a nation of rules and laws.

  2. Incredible when you think that the 5 most powerful military armies of Europe and the US were defeated by a much smaller but determined patriotic Afghan warriors. God is truly on the side of the Afghans. As a man brought up in Christianity this incredible victory of the God fearing Taliban inspires me to become a Muslim. It is a modern day David and Goliath story. It will be a legend told to many generations of Afghans and Westerners in years to come.

  3. All of these countries should be ashamed of themselves for not getting their citizens and Afghan allies out of Afghanistan. Why did they not help negotiate a final day to leave Afghanistan with President Biden. They had to know he is incompetent.

  4. Sometimes I feel instead of dropping an atom bomb in Japan , the Americans should have drooped one on Afghanistan … better then handing the country to a terrorist organisation… People are dying and will continue to die there anyways the Americas have created a real hell on earth do the poor people of Afghanistan..

  5. This is such bullshit. We took people that had no right on those first flights out. We left Americans behind! Period!! This is an out rage an I can not imagine the fear an horror that is going on in the minds an bodies of those left behind. Pray for them an pray for the woman of Afghanistan

  6. Military in Afghanistan , they all afraid of Taliban. Pack their bags n run away from Afghan . First time I have seen this kind of situation that troops are running away in fear of Taliban

  7. Washington is addicted to war. There's no place for learning about the target's history and culture, or a clear objective within a timeframe. If the US had been satisfied with kicking out the Talibans and al Qaida, they could have hold a victory parade on Times Square and it would have been fine. But Bush and his administration where already on the warpath, enthusiastically preparing for the Iraqi war. Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong since then. During the decision to turn Afghanistan of all places into a western style democracy, the Talibans returned from their birthplace Pakistan and Iran stole the victory in Iraq right out of America's hands. The war in Syria derailed on day one as West's proxies were exposed as completely mad people and not the moderate opposition that only existed in western media. America has landed on the wrong side of history and Europe followed obedient like it always does. Any lessons learned? Not likely! Since the promising days of Kennedy, America has turned into an unruly troublemaker. If uncle Sam was dangerous in the glorious days 20 years ago when he had the Talibans and al Qaida on the run, he's twice as dangerous now when he's hurt.

  8. మన సైన్యాన్ని, ముందు మన కశ్మీరు పరాక్రమితప్రాంతాలని విడిపించేందుకు వాడుకోవాలి; ఆఫ్ఘనిస్తాను అంత ప్రాధాన్యత వహించదు.