‘I Won’t Go 20 Years Back in Time’: Young Afghan Women Speak Out | NYT

‘I Won’t Go 20 Years Back in Time’: Young Afghan Women Speak Out | NYT

Sadiqa Madadgar (@SadiQa Madadgar صدیقه مددگار) was a contestant on “Afghan Star.” Seema Rezai was a member of Afghanistan’s national boxing team. They are part of a select group of young women who were fortunate enough to find success in Kabul, Afghanistan. When the Taliban took the city, their dreams were shattered. We reached them on WhatsApp and learned about their hopes and their fears for the future.

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  1. Is there no strong loving men in that country that will stand up and protect these women against oppression? The men need to back these people stand together stand strong be United.

  2. 5:50 Music is haram…. Because music bring people together no matter what race you are or what you believe.. But killing people beating women and journalists(as they did few days ago and prob to this day) is not haram.. Wow

  3. She can go to America. Afghanistan is for Afghans with Afghan values, people looking for western values have to travel to the west. Don't tell people how to live.

  4. If Afghanistan and world want to end this brutality then they have to make Afghanistan a buddhist country again, so that all people non – Muslims , women, children, civilians live there peacefully. Start practicing Buddhism afgani people.

  5. did she really just claim to come from a Religious family and then is in support of Music?? Lol

    Btw, for those who don't know, one of THE Most vital catalysts to the creation of Taliban was the injustice brought by Western Imperialism on Afgan Women and their Corrupted Judiciary System that always failed them….
    If you're corrupt and wanna support your enemies for monetary gains which results in deprivation for your fellow countrymen, then ofc you deserve to be in danger………

  6. why many people flee Afghanistan to America and other countries, because someone is undercover for western countries agent service and betray own country, they fear by punishing with new government ruler, of course someone have anything reason to flee own country. in fact everybody knows that if don't western countries invasion in Afghanistan, they peoples don't force leave own motherland

  7. Why should we listen to a few singers and celebrities who's opinions amounts to 0.001% of the entire country's population? Oh right the world is run by 2% of the most richest and most powerful group of billionaires, we are most likely used to such oppressions

  8. Taliban dont want western values in their country, western country banned islamic dress, and values in their country, islamic country should banned western culture and values in islamic country, western values for western country , islamic values for islamic country.

  9. Rn in Afg there is a purge going on of musicians female worker and professionals and educated working youth coz these are the people who are traditionally opposed to taliban. now taliban is taking theri revenge.

  10. This is absolutely enough regarding the Afghanistan bombing. It is time that those in power positions have same consequences as us peons. He loses his rank and his pension and he is discharged from service for the sake of all pure and good. With great power comes great responsibility. No more!!!

    As Above so Below Justice
    Biden kills Afghan Women so Trump in Elected yet

    Bad cop. Worse cop. Same as old cop.

  11. As much courage as these women show, the women under Taliban regime — WILL BE SILENCED! They WILL be minimized and cast into ROLES they were MORE than 20 years ago!!
    They WILL have 3 choices; 1) submit totally 2) LEAVE and get away FAST 3) DEFY — and suffer LIFE LONG consequences or life ending consequences!!!

    These women, have a a GOOD taste of what FREEDOM and personal GROWTH brings to their lives, how it make them BETTER people, how they LEARN — they have TALENTS AND DESERVE RESPECT!
    That is NOW —- OVER and if you think it is NOT, just WATCH — OVER TIME!!!!
    I hope they make it out of Afghanistan, I hope they have better LIVES! Those who STAY, I hope they also are happy, but they ARE CHOOSING to go FAR back in time and personal growth!

  12. The Afghan woman need to get armed and take over. All these talented, intelligent, beautiful women are going to end badly. Rise up before it happens. Get armed and fight these godless, vile men.

  13. If the Afghan women want freedom, they should pick up weapons and fight.
    What do you think men did to get freedom for the last 10,000 years of recorded history?