Afghans attempt a return to normal life under the Taliban | DW News

Afghans attempt a return to normal life under the Taliban | DW News

As Afghans attempt to resume their lives under the new Taliban rule, the country faces major challenges. Unemployment is high, and while women have been promised a return to work and study, some say the Taliban won’t change their hardline approach.


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  1. Well they got thier country now let them run it thank goodness USA dont need to worry adout it any more no more Americans getting killed trying to protect the security of the other nation let them fix thier own problems.

  2. "We'd like to have our people not foreigners" he says, then he continues "if there's no jobs at all educated people will leave and go abroad".. Destination countries could say "we'd love to have our own educated people to work for us not foreigners so stay where you belong".. Makes sense, If you don't like people to make part of your country, you should not talk about moving to other people's country. Think straight and get yourself to realizing, the world needs love more than it needs pride. We may be needing each other more than you see it from the surface of your head.. life has to be a beautiful experience for the whole world population. This is just simple English

  3. Majority of Taliban not educated with modern system. They just now to handle Guns, driving Humvess and driving every conner to celebrete winning. Do they know that people need food, jobs, money, send children to School

  4. Why should the UK send anymore charity money to this country as the man said they don't want foreigners in their, then they don't want our taxes going there then … Leave this country to sort its own mess out I say and many other British people do too !!!

  5. The people of afghan could go into panjshir valleys for protections under the nationalist and keeping they safe from Taliban or taking future in their hands on the panjshir future leads government than the dismissal US troops from being helpful to them.

  6. Is Iraq next? "Terrorists First" – "Americans last"?!
    – US State Department spokesman John Kirby said the US military mission in Afghanistan was over and that Washington would not help Taliban opposition forces fighting the group in Panjshir!!.
    – Joe Biden announced in July that he intends to withdraw American troops from Iraq and end the US combat mission in that country by the end of 2021! About 2,500 US troops are currently assisting Iraqi forces, but not participating in combat missions.
    – Cohen, former Mossad chief: "Israel must prepare for the rapid fall of all the northern regions of the Middle East after the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and the domination of these regions by the Iran regime!."
    He likened the scenario to the rapid fall of Kabul to the Taliban in recent days.

  7. a country that have been resisting occupation for decades has just now come out of a war the people of Afghanistan should be patient give the govt of Afghanistan some time to stablish to organize things will improve Insha Allah .

  8. Let's give a chance the new govt. Even in our country there is not much job to be offered to those who finished in higher education so ppl are going abroad. There was a time also that out govt banned sending abroad of health workers like doctors, MT nurses due to decreasing health workers in both govt and private hospitals and clinics. Also one reason is big salaries offered in abroad. We have more or less 4 million workers abroad.

  9. Biden once again made Afghanistan a safe haven for terrorists around the world!
    – Michel Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Sept. 13, at the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council:
    Taliban in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Gardez, Maimana, Samangan searched door to door for Afghans who have worked with the United States have killed a number of them after their arrest! (Team Biden gave the list to the Taliban!)
    – Referring to the clashes in Panjshir and reports of civilian casualties in the province, Bachelet called the human rights situation in the region worrying.
    – She expressed concern over the removal of some women's offices by the Taliban, adding that they had gained access to sensitive files by seizing them and their equipment.
    – Bachelet, added that the group had used violence against protesters and journalists during civil protests in Kabul, Herat, Ghazni, Takhar, Ghor, Nimroz and Balkh provinces.

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