China restricts online gaming to 3 hours per week | DW News

China restricts online gaming to 3 hours per week | DW News

China is restricting the time children are allowed to play online video games to three hours a week. Authorities say those under 18 can only play between 8 pm and 9 pm on Fridays and the weekend. Gaming companies are expected to enforce these rules.


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  1. "no longer at her discretion"? This is such BS reporting. The restriction is only for online games. Offline and console games are not part of the restriction. Get your facts straight DW, and stop the fear mongering.

  2. Here in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, I used to do a lot of my Master and Ph.D. student editing work in an Internet cafe where many students were gaming. From my observations, the students have a good time and they actually learn good mental habits from this, because this is one of the few activities where Thai youth now actually concentrate with total involvement in their task, the way young people used to concentrate on books or movies. When gaming is done on a good computer with a large screen and typewriter-like keyboard and good mouse, as shown in the video here, it has the opposite effect of using the Internet constantly on short spurts on a smartphone, which is far more common here.

    I would say that Internet addiction to smartphones here by people of all ages is far more problematic…people walking and motorcycling around the roads and pavement filled with potholes with their eyes glued to their smartphones, or using them during religious chanting events, cleaning (when they could get water on their phones), or cooking (when they could get burnt or cut). I work part time in a laundry, and so many people are using their phone same time they load their clothes into the machine…as a result, they leave so many objects inside the clothes pockets, etc. because they don't pay proper attention to what they are doing.

    My question is, why do they make all the good computer equipment – computers, keyboards, mouses, mouse pads, headphones, etc. only for gamers? During the 1990s, this kind of equipment was used by writers, artists, designers, university students, and professionals, many of whom now their do work on ipads nd other small similar devices!

  3. China Criminal Party simply doesn’t like anyone or anything displaying its crimes. Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Massacre Museum was raided by national security police Gestapo on Thursday morning. Assets of the Museum organizers are frozen and directors locked up. Today Hong Kong tomorrow the US and World!

  4. I think its dumb af, cause gaming is sport like any other and kids take huge part of its prosperity.
    But I couldn't care less if I was сhinese, the major power of the globe, surely there are better things to do.

  5. proud to game most of my hours. I also develop games on my own with programming. I start to study crazy maths, physics, and trigonometry just to figure out how it works. I also look out to my health and eat good foods.

  6. Three hours seems pretty harsh and nuts, but overall I think this will relax overtime and is a good thing for the health of the country. America’s libertarianism is going to destroy it.

  7. I mean, yeah, in a western ethos you should do whatever you want with your time. But why is it that people want to commit so much to games? They suck all your time and you dont get anything of value out of it.

  8. Back when devs push the limits to make iconic platform charting games. These days devs just churn out skins and cash shops and reuse ready made libs

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