Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter

Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news – or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter


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  1. Maybe alien civilizations just don't want to interact with us because we are either too messy, dangerous, or annoying or whatever…

    kinda reminds me of r/HFY stories…

  2. the greater the knowledge of a species becomes, the more lethal their weapons become. we are much more likely to perish due to our own stupidity than any other thing

  3. I really enjoyed videos by this channel until this one. No evidence of intelligent life? Really? You really think we are alone when we are literally surrounded by evidence that we are not? I thought you were more intelligent than that. And then you upped the game by saying that a sterile solar system would be best for us! Annndddd unsubscribed.

  4. I feel strongly that there is life out there that we cannot detect or comprehend due to our very very earth/human-centric fields of knowledge. All observations science has made were built upon what we could detect and repeatedly observe, but what if the rules are so different elsewhere or even here due to x y z but we have such limited scope that it is purely beyond our reach?

  5. What i dont understand is what if there is no filter and the reason why there is no galactic civilization is because of the young age of the universe. I mean galaxys formed 5b years ago and the average planet takes 3b for life to evolve to interstellar travel so maybe we are just the first to do so and may be followed by others. It should also be taken into consideration that the 5b years in between were peobably used to increase the chances of supernovas sending heavy elements to form worlds with perfect conditions. If you consider this, the fish in europa and bacteria in mars would only strengthen this theory.

  6. The great filter in front of us… it's us as a species not coming together for a greater cause like Kurzgesagt says…if we keep fighting with each other then we will never advance together as a species…or maybe I'm just drunk, lol

  7. The big filter:
    First we complete the Dyson sphere in time
    Second, we complete the stellar engine with our sun as it's source of energy
    We start our engine after decades of serious calculations only to find that the sun had shoot out of the Solar System alone leaving all other planets sunless. Mercury and venus cools down instantly being the hottest of the planets. The earth slowly freezes as well. If any planet's velocity was in the direction of the stellar engine's trajectory, it follows behind it for eternity and will eventually crash land on the sun. Our earth freezes and have very low surfave temperatures. Only heat can receive will be from the core. People will dig trenches and live underground. Water bodies would freeze up. No sun means no evaporation, no water cycle. Plants would die without sunlight and water. If the world population don't immediately catch all the marine life before the water freezes then we run out of food in a year. If the cold doesn't kill the population, hunger, air, savagery, cannibalism would be the demons wondering around. The earths rotation becomes faster and the 24 hour clock will be reduced to around 20 hours in a short time. The earth becomes lifeless, radiation of nuclear explosions cover the Atmosphere. As the planets core keeps radiating the temperature decreases. So the molten core solidifies and then we lose our magnetic field. And in time we lose our atmosphere. Our planet moves around in the galaxy lifeless untill we start revolving another sun from a foreign solar system. It's highly likely that if we do get attracted to a star very far away we are bound to fall into it because of gravity. But if a star is at just the right distance so that our new trajectory puts us just at right orbital distance from the sun like we are used to, the frozen planet starts melting. Along with the aquatic life, and life may have chance to revive, if the frozen atmosphere gets back to its original states. Bacteria, virus, etc may still start life. And in a billion year macro beings would walk the earth again

  8. at the moment aliens could be so advanced they look at us as bacteria and not healthy bacteria, the kind of bacteria that needs to be cleaned up to prevent it spreading and infecting the rest of space with global warming, with wars, with hate

  9. What if climate change is another great filter? Im not sayng climate change itself will kill us but with shit getting more scarse theres bound to be conflict over those resourses. Same amount of mouths but less resourses and all that

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