Ancient Aliens: ATLANTIS ON ANTARCTICA (Season 14) | History

Ancient Aliens: ATLANTIS ON ANTARCTICA (Season 14) | History 1

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Ancient texts from Plato point to the existence of Atlantis, which could be Antarctica, coming from space and freezing underwater, leaving people to wonder if there’s a lot we don’t know, such as possible extraterrestrial civilizations inhabiting the area, in this clip from Season 14, “Return to Antarctica”. #AncientAliens
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  1. They heavily cover whats there . I seen kingdoms that are unbelievable with castles ,towers and huge walls just so much. There is so much there to see its mind blowing. Oh and several elite familys do own islands there . Guess who claimed one of the biggest kingdoms and owns the area.Rothchild. FACT

  2. Plato did not invent the story of Atlantis, he was told the story by an Egyptian. Ancient, Ancient Egypt probably had contact with Atlantis if it really did exist.

  3. The experts in this video assume that because Plato wrote about the lost continent in two of his dialogues, there is enough evidence to believe a civilization came from space and established its presence in Antarctica. Using Occam’s Razor, we can examine this claim. We know that many stories and information can get altered and lost as it is passed down through many generations. By the time this information came to Plato, the Egyptians informed him that Atlantis existed 9000 years before. The chance of the story of Atlantis being changed and possibly made up as time went on is very high. Examining the evidence they had, there are a lot of assumptions surrounding it. The big assumption they made was using Plato’s dialogues as evidence that Atlantis was an Extraterrestrial colony in Antarctica. Later in the video, they use the demographic of Antarctica to back up their claims. They mention that due to Antarctica being isolated and uninhabited it would be a perfect place for aliens. The two more logical reasons for these claims are as follows. Platos information he acquired has changed over time, and because Antarctica is uninhabited and in a remote location does not necessarily mean that there are aliens under the ice.

  4. Hey, Ancient Aliens season 14, episode 1 really shook my faith in the show. They had a person claiming to be a former Navy SEAL with knowledge of the alien base beneath Antarctica. He’s a fraud. How do I know this? He starts by introducing himself and explains his rank at the time was “Fist Lieutenant Commander” – no such rank in the US armed forces…period. I thought they were better at getting claims than this

  5. Atlantis was in the Atlantic. In Antarctica was the land of Hypervorians home of Apollo. They say that day lasted six months at the land of the Hypervorians. They were also very advanced based on Greek mythology.

  6. Based on Prof Santos research:
    There are 60 things that proves that Indonesia was the Atlantis.
    And Al-Quran/Koran tells about this civilization, too.
    So, it's clear that Atlantis existed and the area is now named Indonesia.
    These are some of the proofs based on Plato description:
    1. The sun shone whole year
    2. There were only two seasons i.e. rainy and dry seasons
    3. People lived the lives by farming
    4. They had the strongest navy
    5. Coconut grew well
    6. Many fruits grew as well
    7. Spices and Ingredients were their commodity
    8. The people had brown skin
    9. Gunung Padang in West Java is the oldest pyramid in the world, older than the ones in Egypt.
    10. Many volcanoes in Atlantis, and FYI some of Indonesian land sunk under the ocean, the area named Sundaland.

    All of the proofs above, together with the other 50 clearly describe Indonesia, the Atlantis.

  7. whats more ludicrous to me is not the type of people who give thoughts to the possibility of pre existing ancient advanced civilizations concerning ufos and bizarre technlogy but those who would come up with whatever theoretically sounding coerced explanations to try and debunk such research.

  8. Humans have been around longer than any of you admit to, human giant tracks were recently discovered alongside dinosaur tracks in the same level of stone, we just look different like every other creature because there’s less oxygen etc then there was before because a huge volcano erupted and everything adapted, you cannot say a civilization like Atlantis wouldn’t be that advanced, so must be alien, you highly underestimate humans, and how do you know they didn’t start off here, there could even be two separate species with humanoid characteristics that both belong here, always assuming we would be the most advanced species born to this planet, to them we’re probably emotional apes, Atlantis was also known to be highly advanced and had already cut itself off from outside society before their disappearance which that man also learned from the Egyptians, for a hundred or more years the gates were closed.

  9. I've been reading the book of Thoth and man I'm starting to think this what actually happened. Atlantis may very well be where the Bermuda triangle is located and the reason the city sunk so low was due to a nuclear bomb that shook the earth and disturbed Earth's oceans in a violent flood.

    I don't buy it one bit that Atlantis is in Antartica but there maybe another civilization in Arctica. Although Atlantis itself is in the Bermuda triangle.

  10. The flood was because the north of south pole was over 2 miles high and many many miles in circumference and the fact is that the climate warming up and one of the walls collapsed and flooded the planet and it happened again I mean the frost not act of God

  11. The same “experts” on this show have claimed that Atlantis is in several different places on earth…they literally NEVER say that a given theory is unlikely, it’s all true according to them. Kills all of their credibility.

  12. Atlantis was an age of highly advanced civilization or a great city at the center of civilization at one time. I don’t think anyone knows the exact location but the civilization could have went as far as Antarctica. I don’t think it’s ridiculous as they make it sound

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