Is the German election turning into a contest of Merkel imitators? | To the Point

Is the German election turning into a contest of Merkel imitators? | To the Point

Germany goes to the polls in a crucial national election.
Three candidates are vying to replace Angela Merkel, who’s stepping down after a remarkable 16 years as chancellor. And it appears to be an open race.
Merkel has widely been seen as a key global player during her four terms in office. But she leaves behind a Germany mired in crisis. Climate change, corona pandemic, Afghanistan are all casting a dark shadow over her departure. So, on TO THE POINT we ask: The “crisis manager” departs: What comes after Merkel?


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  1. As an American, I will not make a suggestion on your candidates. But I had lived in Germany for a number of years, it is home away from home. I have relatives there as well. So I am not a complete outsider.
    So simply as a sounding board I would offer this thought. After what we recently went through in America, "boring" and "competent". That is a lot better than the opposite of boring and competent. We all want leaders with vision but not at the expense of stability, those attributes can and should coexist.

    Best wishes to Germany and I hope the voters make the right selection for your benefit.

  2. So the Germans are quite satisfied with the unsettled situation in Ukraine… Don’t want to anger the beasts of China and Russia too much.. we sell our goods to them.. Germany is going to find itself alone.

  3. I don't think these 3 are guaranteed to be the only candidates for Chancellorship. I think Germany wants to play "Darkhorse" to make themselves seem special, to make a splash with a statement though the "One that comes from the shadows". Germans are phony and think they have rationalized and systematized everything, even authenticity.

  4. My take away from this video (to put it in well known engineering quote): to have a reliable functional system, you must First stablize the system in a manner that would be expandable. Managing crisis is part of stablizing a system

    Promises seldom stand the test of time, character does: The less flashy and the more humble & grounded a politician, the more he/she will be inclusive, uniting & stabilizing. The more narcissistic will lead to more division & partisanship.

  5. In a democratic country not only elected leaders bring changes but also when citizens are active and use commonsences . The Covid-19 has shown that despite all the good rules by governments , when the people do not follow the rules, there is no economic recovery nor any end of the pandemic. So if we do not stand together, there will be no normality in future.

  6. Good luck with the election Germany! There's election time in about a week here in Norway too, and I feel obliged to vote Labor Party (Edit: and the planned coalition between the combined, strongest social-democratic forces), because of the American and European slide toward the far right. We need experienced politicians now that can solve complex problems, not a focus on "the market" or emotional phrases, such as blaming all the problems in the world on immigrants. If the Left are only willing to turn down the number of immigrants and vocally say that we should focus on our own people first, it would cut off the legs of all the far-right tendencies. As our King said: "We can't move the whole of Africa into the country", just because we want to help others.

  7. English is like the easiest language to learn, but some people aren't very good at it. Why pronounce Angela as if it was spelled Angala? How do people pronounce "gel", for it should be like "jel", "angel" is like "anjel", "Angelo" is like "Angelo", not "gal", "angal" or "Angalo"? DW needs to get better courses in the languages it wants to communicate with and maybe all Germans also do.

  8. Oboy, sounds like a bunch of leftists talking the same old "climate change" and "Inequality" mantra..right from the Biden book of woke politics…, which means …hold onto your wallets Germany…theyre coming for ya

  9. To The Point is such a brilliant segment. I watch it every time I see a new one is out. Thanks for the civil politics DW, it’s a rarity over here in the states.

  10. I’ll never understand why we have to put candidates in such narrow, ridiculous boxes, like “boring”. He’s competent, knowledgeable and can do the job … why does he need to entertain?

    “He takes his decisions from reading and talking to others …” – almost says it like an insult. As if wondering why he can’t make a decision in an entertaining, ridiculous way.

    Boring is not bad. Leaders do not need to be entertainers. They need to be fair, knowledgeable and deliver results. Let’s praise it if there’s a candidate that ticks these boxes and get excited over that.

  11. 22:35 Wrong, we certainly do vote on the base of foreign policy if it's about such life-changing decisions like remaining in European Union and NATO. Germany with its historical background is key point in those institutions. If something changes here, it won't only stay foreign politics but instead will very soon be inner domestic politics for us too. (compare Brexit for example).

    Also, China should be taken into account in the voting decision because its attempt to influence us in the long term is undeniable. They are already in the process of assimilating us economically. Everyone who says that cooperation is all about economic decisions and that it shouldn't be a political issue, they don't see the extent of the matter.

  12. The most difficult job is to support the industry, the businesses other jobs producing enterprises and not promising social support without a solid economic support! All for green solutions etc but there is still a price tag attached to a rhetoric without a pragmatic plan!

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