Gravitas Live With Palki Sharma Upadhyay | Russia's bid for arctic supermacy

Gravitas Live With Palki Sharma Upadhyay | Russia's bid for arctic supermacy

Watch your favourite show Gravitas live with Palki Sharma Upadhyay.

The arctic has an untapped reserve of oil, gas & rare earths. As the ice melts, the race for dominance is heating up. Russia is building strategic ports & airstrips. China claims to be a “near-Arctic state.” The US playing is catch-up.

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  1. T
    The hole in the atmosphere in the arctic and possibly the antarctic has a vaccuum of sorts so if in case of nuclear fallout would end up in those areas i would think its just tthe way of earth cleaning itself

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  3. IndiaBharat, Australia, Japan,Vietnam, Singapur,Myanmar, South Africa, South America and other countris must encash and prosper using Antartica's natural resources, in an eco friendly way.

  4. We have known for centuries that artic has so many riches. The government's instead of dealing with how they have destroyed the world by, they are just continuing to find more ways to do so.

    Even their idea of mining the moon is insane. What can possibly go wrong with defacing the moon???

  5. This is nonsense. "Russia controlling the Arctic". What about Egypt controlling the Sues canal ?? Panama controlling Panama canal,..
    It happens Russia borders the Arctic. That is path of arctic shipping route that runs close and along to Russian border.

  6. How is the Ocean Bed more shallow, compared to the rest of the World's Oceans?
    The Traffic Route is a money maker,, for certain, however it is not any different than the rest of the Oceans…

  7. Thanks to America, Heroin is a Global Pandemic. American Soldiers use the Taliban to traffic Heroin Globally, namely to the States…..
    While with that illegal funding, the Taliban buys weapons..
    The United States has done the same thing in South America… When will the World STOP believing Americas Lies? The US is focused on Corrupting these Nations
    by funding Narco Terrorist…. The US Gov is who is to blame…

  8. I don’t understand the word bid. Is that a term people who have no claims use? Why would Russia have to bid? Russia bids lmdfao. Just look at the situation and you will understand…. eventually. There will be no bid, no asking permission nor caring what any country thinks. I’m Canadian so I know full well how Russia feels. Look at our borders. We will do what we want up there. Absorb that. Feel me?

  9. @ time marker ~ ~21:13?; WION It is typical that your report calling attention to what is referred to as, "targeting" of Indians in S.Afri~ to stoke some animos- against the original, natural, 1st resident dwellers of that region of THEIR (Our = natrually occurring very Melaninateds) there. Yet at the same time, ignoring the Fact that Indian presence all over the Continent that has been invaded & conquered by so many foreigners, are just one of many elements of the backwards socio-econ., race based, unjust stratification that further marginalises the original, natural, 1st resident dwellers of So. Afri~. Shame on you WION. Shame on you madame Palki. Shame on ALL the foreign invading occupiers of the Continent that the Rest have exploited & named A-f-r-i-c-a.

  10. Our leader's greed over Antarctica . Fight for power destroying the new world , Why are they even there ? !!!!! We need God to intervene . The 1% and hungry power driven politicians . What next ? thank God they can't get any further in Antarctica . Ice is actually protecting the untouched world . We the people don't need all this resources . They don't need to be there period ! !!!!!! That greed will destroy us all. Hopefully it's not to late for us if we do something about it . The whole world must join in on get them out of there. I am so upset about the exploitation and abuse. They just keep on going to the sky , what now the 1% will move to Mars and destroy our planet after they got done with it ? ??!!!!!!! We can't just sit around and let them do that.

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