New Zealand supermarket stabbing was 'terrorist attack' says PM Ardern – BBC News

New Zealand supermarket stabbing was 'terrorist attack' says PM Ardern - BBC News

Police in New Zealand shot and killed a “violent extremist” after he stabbed and wounded at least six people in an Auckland supermarket.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the incident was a “terrorist attack” carried out by a Sri Lankan national who was under police surveillance.

The man, who has not been identified, was a supporter of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, Ms Ardern said.

Police killed the man within 60 seconds of the attack on Friday.

“What happened today was despicable, it was hateful it was wrong,” Ms Ardern said in a news conference. “It was carried out by an individual, not a faith.”

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  1. Just like shooting black people and using horses on the border, because you don’t see them as humans! Despicable is racism that you exercise for centuries now…the nonsense of Allah, brainwashed people, racists all one thing, the Boers, you welcomed them in your country after what they did in South Africa! Sick evil racists you are!

  2. Where are the human rights for everyone other than Uropean the women rights, where are religious rights, equality rights?

    Are all the rights restricted to Uropean lifes and their slaves if not then bring or help bringing laws to protect every colour, religion, religious symbols and society with in your country ?

    The third world countries follow their beliefs,religion and freedom and if it is not according to Western world's beliefs,religion and freedom they are called terrorists.

    Taliban got the land which is not what the western governments wanted they can't sell weapons anymore to Divide and rule;this was done to weaken the nations as colonialism took place and Americans fighting false flag operations with Vietnam, Japan and now Afghanistan furthermore The Britain killing natives of the lands 15 countries under the terror of colonial British.

    The Western world can come and interfere between the so called third world countries and they can't even take back their land.

    Taliban have the right to make any law they want Afghanistan belongs to pashtoon Taliban who are Muslim and so Islamic teachings are their law. However, among the Afghans who are haters of Islam just like the west they need to know if they don't like the law of a land they don't need to be there and they don't have to talk bad about it unless you are dumb.

  3. They obviously need to live in a rubber room. IF making "planned attacks" illegal would stop violence – why wouldn't that work for guns as well? Weren't deadly attacks already illegal? The illogic of these types is nearly desperate. Are they going to ban gasoline next? How about pitch forks? arrows? a sharp screw driver or heavy chain – The world if full of potentially dangerous things and dangerous people. The illogic leads to a totally locked down society with no freedom. Just maybe had a few New Zealanders been able to defend themselves this would have been stopped.

  4. I wonder how she is still PM, first ever terror attack happened during her reign second terror attack now.Basically national security blown off,NZ immigration policy is absolutely worst.Yet she is still PM