Rise and Fall: The World Trade Center Premieres 9/10 at 8/7c on The HISTORY Channel

Rise and Fall: The World Trade Center Premieres 9/10 at 8/7c on The HISTORY Channel 1

In 1967, the construction of the World Trade Center began in lower Manhattan, in this clip from Rise and Fall: The World Trade Center. Rise and Fall: The World Trade Center Premieres 9/10 at 8/7c on The HISTORY Channel.


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Through a unique architectural and engineering lens, Rise & Fall: The World Trade Center recounts the inspiring, true story behind an American icon, and the remarkable group of people who dreamed it and made it real. No ordinary pair of buildings, the Twin Towers featured a unique structural design-and dozens of other technical breakthroughs-that made the then-tallest buildings in the world possible. But did these innovations contribute to their collapse on 9/11? With the help of harrowing first-hand testimonies, expert interviews, and never-before-seen graphics, and with the benefit of two decades of engineering hindsight, viewers will understand how the Towers rose…and why they fell.

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  1. I remember being in school that day, sitting on the floor, in front of our teacher Ms. Flores in room 202.

    I personally think this was an inside job. The way those towers collapsed were as if it were a controlled demolition. The “plane” served as a diversion.

  2. Just watching this one right now. Its very good but very sad. They pointed out the positives and negatives of the building but no way could they know that they wouldn't withstand the two planes hitting. I do understand how they would think it was a planned demolition as the buildings did fall straight down and fast. RIP to the builders who felt pride at what they built but also sadness as they saw their work collapse. As well prayers to all the victims, survivors and their families including the 32,000 confirmed illnesses as a result of the attacks. In 9/11 The Legacy on the History channel, it features kids who lost a parent in 9/11, including Bridget Gormley the daughter of FDNY Firefighter William Gormley of Ladder 174, who had cancer in 2016 as as direct relation to 9/11 and passed in 2017. She started working in 2018 at Barasch and McGarry, lawyers for the 9/11 community. She said most ppl don't know that they are entitled to the benefits and healthcare as survivors and surviving families of victims.

  3. Today's 11th september of 2021. It's been 20 years!!!! 67 victims were British Oh my goodness. Today is sounding American national anthem in London. The Times goes by over fast running, i was born in 27th july 2001 and as i close and open my eyes another year comes. RIP for those souls and i am afraid as Talibans took the control Why not it could be possible another terrible attack to NY again or the One WTC. I Hope Not Please!

  4. Nope… sorry but, History Channel is all but forgotten in our home. NOT carried by any of our 15 different live & streaming services.

    I used to watch 103 minutes every year. Natgeo really outdid y’all this year.

    No longer hope or wish you were on my tv. I hope whatever deal you have with whoever is worth it not fo be on ALL streaming services.

  5. Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg were supposed to board Flight 11, which hit the North Tower. Seth missed it due to drunken hangover and his driver misread his ticket time. Mark Wahlberg canceled his flight at the very last second.

  6. such hard work, i remember kid me one day at the beach i built the the biggest sandcastle ever, ppl takeing pics of their kids with it, then when i left i could see from a distance a toddler demolishing it and felt so upset, now take that x100000 and its not enough with the wtc.