The battle to mine Indonesia's 'gold island' Sangihe – BBC News

The battle to mine Indonesia's 'gold island' Sangihe - BBC News

There is gold on Indonesia’s Sangihe island, and a Canadian-listed mining company has a permit to exploit it. Environmentalists say the gold mine threatens the …


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BBC News


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  1. Never give up the people of Sangihe, fight for death to defend your resources, wealths, and freedom don't let the crooks rob the mining gold even if you have to sacrifice your life …….

  2. Oh my, how could anyone even contemplate destroying the forest with largescale mining? Indonesian govt officials should be preserving their amazing land and not give away their resources to another country which has nothing in common with the way of life of the local community.

  3. They are known for jailing and assassinate activist, even anti corruption officer are getting splashed by acid by police and they only jailed for a month. One of the most corrupt country in the world

  4. small scale mining using cynide is VERY bad for the fishes, kills thems in very tiny doses and as its an island their wastewater will always go right where they fish. On the other hand, mining company will likely ignore the "environmental rules" or bribe the inspectors.

  5. Legal Mining Companies are still better than illegal mining companies that had already dug in Sangihe. Native people who work in illegal mining had polluted the environment and no NGO speak about it but when a legal company such Baru Gold want to mine area with strict environmental guidelines, many NGO's suddenly care about environment. Shame on NGO who want take advantage from this situation and Keep moving forward Baru Gold

  6. Hearing the damn CEO speak, we can just see that his mind is all about that future "Millions of dollars" worth of extracted gold BUT not the devastating impact this mining activity would bring to the island and its future .

  7. How funny people are saying that companies should not mine this and mine that, then don’t consume any products with gold, o ya you can’t.. because even your computer, phone, car, etc. Uses it. Electronics in general requires it, so figure yeah and stop being a hypocrite.

  8. BBC stated 70% is owned by the company @2:37.

    But if memory serves, Canadian and American companies cannot own the land because it is owned by the Indoensian government. So this Canadian company, would instead be charged what looks like monthly rent payed by the Canadian corp to the Indonesian government to use the land for that month. So, the Canadian co. takes a big risk because they don't own anything really while the Indonesian government rakes in a big reward because they do own everything there. And, for whatever these Canadian and American companies find, even though they are already paying Indonesian locals for work and already paying for developing Indonesian infrastucture, 30% of their finds goes straight to the Indonesian government. And, there's huge taxes on stuff like "raw" gold and coal that leaves the country because the Indonesian government cleverly, wants to encourage Canadian, American, and other foreign businesses to process things locally and build up Indonesia in the meanwhile. Most Western businesses are so competitive, they must be very careful to not waste too much money on excess chemicals, and must be very careful to not make mistakes that risks them to get sued or penalized for polluting the environment. So, Canadian and Americans very well may be better to extract resources on a per unit basis. Also, when the mining is done, American and Canadian companies are required by American and Canadian law to make sure to remediate the land and make sure its not left damaged or polluted.

    There is definitely more to the story. BBC left out the 30% and, surprisingly, had a misleading angle to this story. But, its still an important story to tell from the enivonrmental and social angle.

    Interesting content, thank you!

  9. Here in the Philippines, we are also fighting that kind of problem.
    The government will not listen to you because you have no influence, no power, and most of all no money.
    Especially if the Executive Department of that country does not prioritize in taking care of the country's flora and fauna, mountain ranges, rainforests, proper and efficient law enforcement against the illegal animal traders, the illegal mining, illegal logging.
    It's just getting to our nerves.

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