Western world begins to deal with Afghanistan’s new reality

Western world begins to deal with Afghanistan’s new reality

The western world is beginning to build a consensus on how to deal with a new reality, weeks after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

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  1. Give them a chance. In the past, they maintained law and order, and more importantly, eradicated scourge of corruption for most part. They just need handy help from locals. We can hope something

  2. 2001: Mullah Omar: "I am considering two promises. One is the promise of Allah, the other is that of Bush. We will see which one of these two promises are fulfilled."

    2021: The world can see which promise is the true one Indeed Promise of Allah comes true…

    Afghanistan they never are defeated…The ancient enemy makes prayer about these people "May God deliver us from the venom of the cobra, teeth of the tiger and the vengeance Of the Afghans." So be careful Enemy Of Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan

  3. Pakistan has been the safe heaven for Taliban and IS for many years…Why no one questioning Pakistan ? Also does anyone know what present of Talibans are Pakistaníes ???

  4. Don't worry sisters… U will soon understand the wisdom of protecting females the Shariah way. Muslims were the first people to give women such a high status along with protecting them. We can learn anything we want, work wherever we want but strict hijab has to be followed. Property rights for women was a dream even after 5 centuries. But Islam have it in way long back.

  5. As an American tax payer who helped fund this 2 trillion dollar war which is twice the infrastructure bill, I'm not in favor of sending any funding to these people. No matter how dire the humanitarian crisis let those bloodthirsty medival savages governing now pay for it.

  6. Why not speak up against ban on hijab in France? Where are human rights activists died? Why aren't muslim girls allowed to wear scarf in schools? Why women are arrested for wearing hijab? Why Islamic education is being banned? Why are mosques being monitored?

    Hypocrite Europe

  7. Taliban law on hijab is based on securing woman respect and give her security in society.

    France law is based on bias.
    France law on Hijab is not based on saving society from any crime, or any social n moral deviation.

  8. Instead of helping Afghanistan by allowing money flow and trade to flow into Afghanistan they are talking about getting people out if it. The West is such a heartless snake.

  9. Hope France also comes out of its orthodox ideas. And allow women to wear what they like, to study in the dress they like, and work, and move freely outside thier homes.

  10. Shed crocodile tears for Afghan women because they have to wear Hijab, but don’t show any sympathy for French women who cannot wear any form of HeadScarf. Western world for you.