Ancient Super Navies | Ancient Discoveries (S4, E2) | Full Episode | History

Ancient Super Navies | Ancient Discoveries (S4, E2) | Full Episode | History 1

Using the latest scientific techniques to solve the greatest mysteries of the ancient world’s naval technology, our team of underwater detectives and elite naval commandos are investigating legends, in Season 4, Episode 2, “Ancient Super Navies.”


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  1. Les enfant de soleil! Trump tes cuilles dans l'eau de javel! Tu cherche ton chemin, les chemin de cite d'or!!! Ahhhhh…ahhh ahhha hhhha hhhha hhhha hhha les cite d'or!!! Du du du du!!! Les cite d'or!!!

  2. Its become the most useless channel these days, only showing making of weapons and Food , Pawn stores and with those lazy old men leading the pawn stores. autobiographies of great men / women.

  3. They have an image of the outside of a Syrian rebreather… this does not tell us what is on the inside. It may have had a flexible wooden rib cage like system to keep it from crushing in, and or possibly rocks inside the skin, to negate its buoyancy.
    Remember an experiment is only step one. Then you refine it, just like they would have.

  4. Said : roman army,the legions, the first full time army men..!!! Hahaha!!! I believe has made a stupid mistake! First full time soldiers were in fact THE SPARTANS!

  5. After Roman Empire fell because of a bunch of dumbasses that wanted to gold and that's all he went in there for and kill the leaders cuz they didn't like them ninety-nine percent of the technology that Rome had it that time was lost remember we didn't get running water again for another 600 years

  6. Good video however I don't agree with the expert in the final segment. The relief image does not show a soldier wearing heavy equipment or swimmers on the surface. The guy is wearing next to nothing and the fish is above his head to represent him under the surface. Just because we fill a bag and say it doesn't work because it makes us float up doesn't mean the ancients didn't find a solution. I asked a group of 10 year olds what they saw and thought and one asked a good question, maybe the bag should be weighted with a couple stones so it doesn't float so easily.

    Just because you can't figure it out does not mean the people of the time couldn't. We seem to jump to quickly to other explanations rather than exploring further. Makes you think.

    Thanks again for the fascinating content and challenging our perceptions.

  7. The diving bell is still in use today by the Diving Beatles who take air bubbles down and fix them to underwater vegetation so they can breath and attack prey before returning to the air bubble to breath. Nature did it first.

  8. If only we can take this engineering and focus it on helping one another instead of destroying one another.

    To grow food and build homes instead of killing one another. Amazing documentary though for sure.

  9. This information is not complete. How come the ancient Malay Royal Navy is not included in this documentary?. There is historical documentation proof that the Malay Malacca Sultanate Empire did have a powerful Navy. Please do more research on this.

  10. They ask "is this the first grenades" it's been documented that the Mongols learnt from the Chinese before Kublai Khan, about gun power and grenades as well as rockets and many other different weapons of those type.

  11. One of the longest ruling dynasties in the world The Cholas of South India had a huge navy and dominated entire East Asia. Rajendra Cholas navy in 10th Century was so huge that the entire Bay of Bengal was called the lake of the Cholas. Wonder how such a huge part of ancient naval history was missed.