Peter Doocy grills Psaki on Biden's latest vaccine requirement

Peter Doocy grills Psaki on Biden's latest vaccine requirement

White House correspondent Peter Doocy asks the press secretary why vaccines are required for U.S. workers but not migrants coming across the southern border on ‘The Story’ #FoxNews #TheStory

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  1. You know something is very wrong when you have alternative health resources plus cures but you keep pushing on this one thing, that ain't proven, ain't tested and ain't safe.. start calling this planet the guinea pig world

  2. Can we start a petition for impeachment, by the people, for the people of the United States of America? To legally oust this disgusting fake…. uhmmm…. puppet leading the country and the 2 clowns, harris and duuuuhlosi to go with him.

  3. It’s a well-known fact that the average life expectancy of humans before the modern era was less than 40 years❗️
    With the spread of various vaccines, antibiotics, and other therapeutic agents, the average life expectancy has increased dramatically in recent years.
    Advanced countries which have better medical systems and facilities, have a notably high average life expectancy.
    We are very fortunate to live with the benefits of advanced medical care.
    I don’t understand why there’re so many idiots in advanced countries are against vaccines compared to developing countries people crave them.

  4. Patrick Richardson

    *(Sung to the tune of Buckle Down Winsocki)

    Circle round Jen Psaki, circle 'round, circle round Jen Psaki circle circle ' round.

    When Pete Doocy hounds, you can circle 'round, dodge 'em all Jen Psaki when you circle circle 'round!

    Biden time Jen Psaki, Biden time, Biden time Jen Psaki, Biden Biden time, Biden time with clowns on the White House Grounds.

    You can stump 'em, we will Trump 'em as you circle circle 'round.

    Red hair Jen Psaki, bright red hair, bright red hair Jen Psaki always bright red hair, Bolshevik Red sense with your henna rinse for Chuck and Nancy found when you circle circle 'round.

  5. Does anyone remember Titanic and how all of the elites were so smug thinking they were untouchable and the ship was unsinkable? And when they were questioned they laughed and said nothing would never go wrong because they were in change? Eerily reminds me what is happening with our country. I think we have some dark days ahead of us.

  6. Wonder if Doocy asked why Vaccines and Masks are Mandated by Fox News indoors. Get it or you don't work here. Pretty hypocritical considering how much they complain about the mandates. I am not a fan of forced vaccinations and was surprised Fox News of all companies forced them on their employees.

  7. Bro imagine the scene from The Departed but its Jen Psaki getting groceries instead of Matt Damon and Doocy shows up like Mark Whalburg with foot booties, gloves and a mask and shes like " wait…" and drops all her groceries.

    Thats what all of these exchanges are.

  8. MSNBC reporter: Hey Jen, does Biden ever sniff ur hair??
    Peter Doocey: Jen, does Biden feel mandates are an effective way of uniting Americans through coercion??
    CNN reporter: Hey Jen, when will Biden try Lemon Poppy Seed ice cream?
    Psaki: I will answer the hardest question first. Joe will try different ice cream flavors so long as it doesn’t give him the runs. Hehe.

  9. More sad reporters trying to create gotcha moments out of petty partisan politics regarding Covid measures. Predictable and pathetic.
    Trump’s administration caused the Covid crisis and 700,000 deaths. Now they want to pretend it’s Biden’s fault.

  10. The same network who won’t admit the election wasn’t fraudulent and have been pushing vaccine conspiracies and misinformation for the entire duration pandemic. Yet they have mandated vaccines for al employees. Hypocrites.

  11. People wake up we are living in the modern day Reformation. Roman Catholics tried to mandate Christians become Catholics and persecuted protestants for 1260 years. History repeating we have a Catholic president who just mandated a vaccine this is no coincidence. If your experience health problems you can't file lawsuit. Time for United States citizens to rise and start another Reformation it's either now or never. Let the Protestant Reformation be our guiding light and inspiration.

  12. Lmao!! You dont hold these people accountable for their double spoke answers. You asked if they were "considering" it and she said false then admitted to it. Does she not know the definition of consider? Probably not! Anyway are we okay with how many people are dying and getting turned away from social security? Do you know how many HARD WORKING people do. More cases are being approved of young people who never worked in their lives because they have social anxiety??? They created this and then deny people like me who can't even function or hardly get out of bed! Sad.