Australia-China tensions escalate after former pushes for COVID-19 probe| Latest English News | WION

Australia-China tensions escalate after former pushes for COVID-19 probe| Latest English News | WION

Tensions between Australia and China have further escalated after the former calls for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

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  1. I dropped a jar of cookies on the floor, massive mess ensued. Mother had just vacuumed the floor 5 minutes earlier. "WHO did it?" she asked.
    I replied: "You have no right to ask such a question, for it is racist, bigoted, and sheds unflattering light upon my person."
    "But if you didn't do it, then WHO?" Mother insisted.
    "Well, we'll never know, won't we," I replied, wiping the cookie powder off my face.

  2. China can't hide from us Australians we will find out no matter what they try and hide. Families across the world have been destroyed, we will find out what happened. We Australians fear nothing.

  3. Australia is now number one in the World Gold exporter , number one LNG exporter , number 4 /3 Coal exporter , number 5 Wheat exporter and the list goes on . Once India gets it's manufacturing base going and taking raw materials from Australia , China will not be in a position to use imports to dictate or threaten . The tide is slowly turning against China and they are scared . With all the Chinese bans on Australian imports the gross national product rose by 200 Billion ! So it's not working China . Many Chinese people are experiencing blackouts and electricity rationing because they banned the coal they needed and their antiquated coal mining system can't keep up and they lie about how much coal they produce and fooled themselves . Australia sells coal to Asia and they sell it on to China at inflated prices and it's mixed with inferior dirty local coal that's increasing air pollution .

  4. Further investigations are pointless. The CCP has destroyed evidence and disappeared the witnesses. The world knows what they didn't do. They failed to be honest. Trade is difficult with people you can't trust. Chinese people are fine, just their government sucks. There is a difference, despite the CCP posturings as them being one in the same.

  5. Aunty Glads not gonna visit the inmates in cellblock N anymore. Aunty Ani is stacking the cellblock Q fence with swat. Those crazy bastards from cellblock V and N want to come up here and visit the unvaxxed in cellblock Q. We need more guns and ammo. I need to get some more cool aid from cellblock W. Help we need more unicorns.

  6. Just great. The wooden dummy stirring up China for no benefit again. I am sure they have a missile with his name on it. In the meantime the innmates in Australia cant leave home. They did promise cell block N ice cream tonight if they get off cell block Qs fence.. Winnie the poo is sending spies to Australia to find out how we turned a continent into a jail.

  7. Why is Australia THE ONLY country that still kicks China's butt???? Where's everyone else? Too scared of China I suppose. And of course China calls this racism or says covid is from the US. The same sheeeet.

  8. Pls. Pray the Holy Rosary and Devine Mercy chaplet to free all countries from war, hunger, diseases, climate change, calamities, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce, corruption, vices, violence and all evil.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home…. …..

  9. Tension between Australia and the people are raising due to dictatorship of the infidel government which is on a power trip since allied countries can't win a war against countries with medievil weapons.