FBI releases declassified 9/11 document | United States | Latest World English News | WION News

FBI releases declassified 9/11 document | United States | Latest World English News | WION News

September 11 marks the 20th year of the deadly 9/11 attacks in the US. Joe Biden paid tribute to victims of 9/11 terror attacks.

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  1. A comparison between Pear Harbor and 9/11 , the intelligence knew there was an impending attack from Japan , even as Pear Harbor radar indicated a large radar signature of something incoming , it was ignored . The US should have taken intelligence of something impending before 9/11with names and had them arrested and deported , We never learn !
    Open borders in the US , doesn’t that seem like something we should be concerned about ?

  2. We need to defund every corporation in America of Saudi money if we want proof of the country's role in 9/11 to be disclosed and we'd have to get big money linked to that company out of politics too.

  3. Latest World Update:

    "After twenty years of the War on Terror, $6.4 trillion spent, some 801,000 deaths (including about 335,000 civilian deaths) from direct violence by 2019 (and many more because of factors related to the War on Terror not calculated in war deaths), at least 1.8 million veterans with service-connected disabilities (though the actual number is probably much higher), the costs of veteran care amounting to between $2.2-$2.5 trillion between 2001 and 2050, not to mention the significantly increased veteran trauma, suicide, divorce, child abuse (3x higher) and neglect, substance abuse, car accidents, homelessness, the displacement of at least 38 million people who became refugees, a subsequent migrant crisis for surrounding countries, the regional empowerment of criminals, warlords, child rapists, and other criminal elements at taxpayer expense and in the name of peace, safety, and freedom, increased numbers (~x5) identified as al-Qaeda (and other radical terrorist groups), general increased instability in the region of the Arabian Peninsula and worldwide, the militarization of American police through increased amount of military equipment transferred to law enforcement agencies, the restriction of American civil liberties at home, government spying on non-criminal American citizens, virtual abandonment of the Fourth Amendment via the PATRIOT Act, multi-generational debt and interest ($6.5 trillion in interest alone by 2050), the unseen opportunity costs of what could have been had these resources been left with the American people, some have the audacity to judge the War on Terror as a limited success simply because we have not had a second 9/11.

    Afghanistan had not had a suicide terror attack before 2001 – the year of United States invasion, insurgency, and occupation. Iraq had not had a suicide terror attack prior to 2003 – the year of United States invasion, insurgency, and occupation. These patterns coincide with the foreign occupation of the United States and allies, the global increase in suicide terrorism since the beginning of the War on Terror, and even increases or decreases relative to foreign occupying forces in the region. Ironically and critically, what people usually think prevents terrorism actually contributes to it. The main reason why we have seen the rise of Muslim suicide terrorism, especially since 2003, is not simply the ideology of Islam, but because the United States has been occupying Muslim lands in the Arabian Peninsula, particularly since the beginning of the 1990s." ~Joshua Mawhorter is a high school teacher of government, economics, and American history and teaches the Bible, theology, apologetics, church history, and philosophy at his local church.

  4. Redacted released documents = inside job
    hidden Pentagon videos = inside job
    US Attorneys Office invocation of "states secrets privilege" in US Federal Court = inside job

  5. Watch Zafar Heretic.Apostate imaam.Sach wala.Amina Sardar.. Sahil.Adam seeker .. All r HAFIZ & now ex-muslim's..Counter the questions raised by them on ISLAM..momins are welcome to  join their live stream & can give them Dawat of Islam again OR U WILL SEE RISE OF EX-MOMIN like fire in bush , internet will exposed the real face of Islam very soon .. question raised by ex-muslims' r serious .. If u hv guts – then well come to live stream

  6. Shame on the millions of people's blood that US has on its hands for centuries and the list is ever extending. US is in competition with Islamist jihadis to kill and impose unfathomable pain and suffering to humanity across world. Shameless hypocritic USA!

  7. There's literally no proof at all that the Saudi government or officials ordered it or financed it. Bruh, yall are forgetting that Saudi-American relations are very good at that time. The only country that hates Saudi Arabia at that time and yells "death to America" to this day and al Qaeda leaders are in its lands as UN report indicated is only Iran. New York court judge a few years ago also concluded that iran is behind 9/11. Like bruh, let's say Germany wanted to do the same attack on Russia, why would Germany intentionally put 15 Germans on the attack if it wants to not be exposed?!!!! It's only very logical that a country that hates Saudi Arabia would intentionally put those 15 Saudis out of the many nationalities in al qaeda…

  8. If you think the US government is going to tell the truth about it, then I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you at a good price.

  9. If you ever feel stupid just remember the FBI were tracking the hijackers who 1) took regular flying courses a month before the attacks and 2) All moved to homes next to the Airports a day before the attack and IGNORED THIS…

  10. My polymath is back, come up with state of art unbiased journalism she just hit the ball right out of the park she just hit the nail on the head when she spelled out everything so simply and she just zeroed in the the target with pinpoing accuracy she is just bangon spot on .she isthe apple of my all family member's eyes and she is full of beans and I was listening to her with utmost attention, the synergy hetween jounalism abd truthfulness was terribly underrated but let's talk turkey let me get down to the facts I have been in the seventh heaven ever since i came across this channel , it humbly distanced itself from that filthy ratrace but yet reached the pinnacle of success in the blaze of glory. Everyone around her must have identified untapped potential within herself. With bulldog spirit ,dogged and infaltering determination she has been striding ahead leading/!pioneering the authentic authoritative journalism, she works from dawn to dask ,puts her back into it and also her heart and soal into the jounslism and sometimes my eagerbeaver mam works like a trojan, finally i would love to shout from the rooftops that yes i stand with wion no matter what i will be with wion news channel through thick and thin and wion's reputation as a global news channel is all time high and thanks a million to palki mam and molly ghambir mam and ofcourse entire team of wion. Who burn the candle at both the ends to bring us latest reports and keep ourselves updated around the clock ,day and night. All of us owe a debt of gratitute to wion news team and a debt of honour to two golden girls/straight arrows palki mam and molly mam both of them not only talk the talk but also walk the talk, may the almighty OMNIPOTENT Ubiquitous supreme being lord SHIVA bestow you with a long age , i wish my mam godspeed for her upcoming jouney , there us no stopping her , i firmly believe my mam who bagged many trophies medals will kesve no stone unturned as she hasn't been straitjacketed or shackled. Everyone holds her words as she is the inquisitive visionary charismatic fiesty journalist I'm off toodle pip