Afghanistan faces major humanitarian crisis says UN | DW News

Afghanistan faces major humanitarian crisis says UN | DW News

The United Nations is hosting a donor conference for Afghanistan in Geneva. The aim is to raise more than half a billion euros. The UN says that money is desperately needed to avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, following the Taliban takeover. Half of the population – around 18 million people – are dependent on foreign aid, and that number might grow.
To feed hungry mouths, people are reliant on handouts. While others continue to flee, many of the people left behind are facing a desperate situation. The UN says more than half a million have been internally displaced this year – forced from their homes as the Taliban swept across the country. Some were fleeing another menace: drought.
In the northwest province of Badghis, the animals are sick and the crops have dried out.
Across the country, the drought has exacerbated existing food shortages. Millions are now at risk of starvation, prompting the UN to issue a stark warning.
Aid organizations and governments are scrambling to fill the gap. Flights from Pakistan bring flour, cooking oil, and emergency medical supplies. But much more is needed to avert catastrophe for millions of vulnerable Afghans.


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  1. With the Taliban in control giving aid directly to the people will not be easy. We do not want to inadvertently help the Taliban feed and GROW their army.. Look at North Korea, they seem to have enough money to launch missiles but are unable to feed their entire population.

  2. Why Allah don't give them money and food?
    They think they are superior nation with superior religion.
    If they won't give women rights to education and work they will live worse than African countries.

  3. So the biggest question is how taliban fighters are Procure guns and bullets. If they can get equipment to kill others, it is really surprising why they are now nut succeed to save their own people

  4. They have received $50 Billion in aid. That means every afghan should be a millionaire. Aid is pointless. Let’s try something different this time let’s cut aid and let them figure this out themselves.

  5. Well I hope Biden and Harris sleep easy at night. All of this was their doing and was entirely avoidable if the US hadn't just walked away! Now the world needs to figure out how to help these poor people and very quickly.

  6. The reality is that the Taliban do not know how to run the country! All international assets are frozen and they have no access to financial resources that any Govt would need to run a country. Consequently the people starve. Its outrageous what's happening while the world just sits back and watches. And it was all entirely avoidable if the NATO Allies hadn't just walked away.

  7. I agree with everything this woman said, except that afghan lives have been upended due to no fault of their own.
    They literally supported the Taliban! They had a choice between being a part of the free world and enjoying the economic and social benefits that come with that, or the Taliban… and they chose the damned Taliban.

  8. yall been saying that for decades and yet they still alive and shitting new babies relentlessly…..if they were really starving to death they would've already died off by now

  9. What always gets to me is that, people living in poverty tend to have more children than people who are not. On average the people living in these tent ⛺cities have 5 children.

  10. If you deny Yeshua, He will also deny you and you will suffer. Salvation is through Yeshua, Christianity leads to eternal life. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob always provides for His people. His eyes are upon the righteous! As long as you don't worship the God of Israel, you will keep dying of severe starvation. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT.