Afghanistan: Taliban announce new rules for women and girls' education | DW News

Afghanistan: Taliban announce new rules for women and girls' education | DW News

The Taliban’s education minister, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, announced a series of new restrictions on women and girls’ education in Afghanistan.

Going forward, the Taliban will enforce gender segregation at the country’s universities based on their belief that coeducation is un-Islamic.

In outlining the policy, Haqqani announced that campuses should ideally be segregated by gender. He said that short of that, universities should establish alternate class timing or ensure that classrooms are partitioned down the middle and seating is divided based on gender.

The Taliban have already said they hope to have women teach female students. If that is not possible, men may teach women, but classes should follow the Taliban’s rigid interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law.

The minister also stated that hijab or head coverings will be part of a compulsory dress code, but did not specify if this includes the niqab face covering.


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  1. What's the point of them going to university, if they are jot allowed to work… Create a system as a decoy it will just end up discouraging them to go to school and before you know it … They are staying at home and giving birth … Their whole existence will be to give birth

  2. I am still unsure ,whether it's a good idea to educate women or not. because the western women are educated, but look what they turn out to be. they hate God they hate men they are abusing the system against thier men's
    They are nothing but hateful and vindictive therefore it's waste of energy and wealth to empower women at the expense of men period

  3. Meanwhile China still has lax child labor laws that put very young children to work in sweat shops. Frankly, I don't have any love for the Saudi backed Taliban, but I think Afghan needs to fix themselves. We spent almost $3 trillion nation building and the resounding response from the Afghani people was to leave them alone. Message received. Fix yourselves.

  4. Afghanistan is in this statte because of USA. USA are the real villains and the real issue behing radical Islam. The situation in Afghanistan will be changed by there own people. Thee US and west have done enough damage already

  5. There is no lack of anything in Afghanistan so DW need not to worry. No one has been stopped or banned to study in Afghanistan and that is enough.
    Anything that is in accordance with Islam will be implemented in Afghanistan with no regards to what the spoiled societies think or say and if someone doesn't like it, patience will be rewarding for them.
    Thanks to the Biden administration Taliban can manage certain things for more than 40 years.
    Keep connected to Taliban so that other 9/11s donot occur again. Taliban need international support so if it's not from the anti terrorists let it be from the left.
    Threatening Taliban will be like saying welcome to Alqaida and ISIL.