Bill Clinton Harassment Accuser Upset Over Portrayal in Series

Bill Clinton Harassment Accuser Upset Over Portrayal in Series

Paula Jones, who sued former President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, is blasting the new FX show about the impeachment of Clinton in 1998. While Jones admits the show nailed her look, she believes that there’s a lot that it got wrong. She says the part in the show that portrayed Jones trying to get a movie deal was “so far from the truth.” “How can they portray somebody accurately if they don’t even call them,” Jones told Inside Edition.


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  1. As a non American, this is the first time I hear this woman’s name while everyone knows Monica. That’s why her character is in the center of the show I guess.

  2. its definitely unfair that its only Monica who has a say over her portrayal. Only reason i can think why Ryan would steer clear from her is because of her association in supporting Trump rather than see Clinton back in power.

  3. They portrayed her as totally naive and vapid. I felt bad they betrayed her as that, and her husb implied she probably had sex with President (on the series). That made me mad.

  4. The interviewer was VICTIM BLAMING. BY SAYING WHY WOULD BILL CLINTON CARE ABOUT YOU?? VICTIM BLAMING. He didn't care about her. He cared to get his —.sucked. that's what he cared about. Duh

  5. "How can they portray somebody accurately if they don't even call them?" Babe look at Marcia Clark and Sarah Paulson. They didn't even met each other until after the series premiered

  6. The difference was Monica was a fawning sycophant of that man and Paula Jones was an aggressor to him. That is why. The show is great—well acted, great period pieces and little pop cultural references that take you to that time but Monica is just portrayed as this ditzy almost highschool girl. She was 24 YEARS OLD. I’m sorry but that is hardly a child. She talks on the phone at parts like a modern girl upset about being ghosted on a tinder date while Linda Tripp is a facile, comically evil “Karen” type figure and Paula Jones is a simpleton who just fell off the tractor. You’re telling me this is an unbiased portrayal? Sure

  7. You know, on the docuseries when “Paula Jones” said her husband did some screen work, I immediately did an IMDB search on him & couldn’t find anything.