Is Cuba's approach of vaccinating almost everyone with its own vaccine working? | COVID-19 Special

Is Cuba's approach of vaccinating almost everyone with its own vaccine working? | COVID-19 Special

Cuba raised eyebrows when it said would manufacture its own Covid19 vaccine. Then its scientists came up with not one but several viable candidates. Two of which, Cuba says, are highly effective and in use. Now the Caribbean Island is the first country in the world to begin vaccinating toddlers against Covid19. The move is part of a drive to fully re-open schools again.


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  1. I would also like to comment, that they don't mandate the vaccine either. (At least when I was there last year). You take it if you want it, and of course majority of the people trust it so they take it. I was a student there and took the Abdala vax. Pretty good, I didn't get any reactions. Plus they make sure you can take the vaccine or not. They check your vitals, ur history, and monitor you before and after the vax to see if anything happens to you or not. They also donate thier vaccines to underdeveloped countries, for example, Nicaragua. Thank you Cuba for everything!

  2. Yeah HOW come you don't see protesters like in America and Europe!!!???? Because in America and Europe they HAVE to much freedoms that's WHY the people went crazy. Greetings from LAS Vegas

  3. Cuban's are brilliant in bio-tech and I am not the least bit surprised!! Cuban Doc's have always provided amazing medical assistance in the Caribbean. I truly believe collaborating w Cuba, especially in bio-tech, would revolutionize medicine!!!!

  4. The embargo was my so bad for Cuba: no junk food, less added sugar, more whole food eating, … and fewer obese. U.S. oligarchs do not want competition with other vaccines and other ways of doing things. Children though? THEY have a healthy auto immune systems. Odd!

  5. One question- if children are not going to be hospitalized or wven sick on average..why not to allow them to develop their own natural immunity by contracting a virus??? Do we really can assume that we are smarter than out natural immunity and know enough about it? And i am not anti vaccine person – my child was vaccinated agsinst polio and etc but i highly doubt that children should be vaccinated against covid at least at this stage of vaccine development…

  6. Cuba dies not need outside vaccines and approvals from who for its citizens. It's one of the two non mrna traditional vaccines like indian one and that's why it dies not suit who approval.
    India too does not need outside vaccines. It was way ahead in developing a non mRNA, traditional homemade covaxine, probably the only vaccine using full inactive virus. And like Cuban one , it's being blocked by WHO and other pharma from getting approved. Inspite of of the proof of millions vaccinated in india without much side effects. Like Cuba, indus has gone ahead with vaccinating about 100 billion now with home produced vaccines with relatively safer outcomes than west.
    India has still not given approval to Pfizer and moderna despite tremendous pressure from them and who and usa as well as some political left parties in india. It had issue with them about indemnity clause. Same case with Johnson's ,which is pending approval over similar clause. Meanwhile with corona becoming endemic with only few thousand cases and only one state contributing half of them , and 100 billion vaccineted and growing ..the urgency to import is gone..
    Covaxine is atleast being considered but who keeps delaying fir 6 monrths, while a Chienese one gets approved in 10 days with just one short meeting.
    Cuban vaccine.. there is no mention or acknowledgement from who or media , as if they want to ignore it's creditibilityvand data ..

  7. I'd like to point out a little caveat of the translation of the word "política": it usually means "relative to politics", but can also mean "policy".
    In the first interview on this article you translated "policy" as if it meant"relative to politics", while the political situation in Cuba as well as the high levels of trust in the health care system makes that interpretation highly unlikely.
    Besides that, @DW News, this is a great article, as usual.

  8. Cuba’s estimated average life expectancy was 78.9 years in 2018 while the U.S. is just above their rank at 80.1. This puts Cuba at number 56 in the world for life expectancy. The U.S. rank is 45 in comparison. Cuba’s average life expectancy is excellent compared to most developing countries and has increased substantially in the last 50 years. The average life expectancy in Cuba was 63.8 in 1960.
    We can conclude that the Cuban longevity is because of the Cuban revolution.

  9. I definitely trust the Cuban vaccine and not the US vaccine. I do not trust a vaccine that sends messages to my cells. My question is are fully vaccinated still dying in Cuba like in America?

  10. Glad to see that they are rejecting the US backed formulas. Our medical people don't care what they do to the patients. It's all about the money. And the drug companies are getting top dollar for the vaccine.

  11. This video shows an interesting way to spread the anti-communist mission of DW: (almost) no information about the Cuban vaccine and vaccination program. Speakers with not much glue about the vaccine and another blabla about general ideas of vaccination. Obviously DW has no reliable source in Cuba!

  12. USA regards Cuba as an exporter of terrorism. The fact remains that the illegal US embargo against Cuba (supported only the USA and Israel), has decimated the country.
    It is amazing that Cuba has developed five vaccines against COVID19 and has started using them already.
    It is amazing that Cuban doctors didn't, yet again, hesitate to "take out their fear and put it to one side" and ignore the real terror masters of the woods – the USA!

  13. Say what you will about Cuba, but the mere fact that a small island has the capacity to develop multiple vaccines tells you something about the level of research, that basically, no other developing country with few resources comes close to.