Kuril Islands: Russia's Eastern Frontier

Kuril Islands: Russia's Eastern Frontier

­They lie between the Sea of Okhotsk and the North Pacific Ocean. There are 56 of them with a total land area of about 15,600 square kilometers and a population of 19,000. Along with millions of seabirds, crabs and fish, the Ainu people were early inhabitants on these islands. Yet a long-running dispute over these territories still continues. They are the Kuril Islands — Russia’s eastern frontier!

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  1. one more example of russian imperialism btw what was the country that stabbed Poland in the back on 1 September,1939 with their Nazi allies, oh yea that would be the USSR. great bragging rights, ivan

  2. those islands belong to nihon!!! in ww2 we lost everything korea taiwan manchuria the kurils and the sakhalin. our home islands make up less than half the territory we possessed prior to ww2. dont worry after putin dies well definitely reclaim those islands.

  3. Just as Russia seized Koenigsberg on the western side, kicked out the ethnic Germans, renamed it Kaliningrad after some croney of Stalin´s and cynically divided it with Poland so they seized the Kurils, having entered the war just as Japan was on its knees. They kicked out the native Japanese and took over. Two completely phoney places that are not remotely "Russian". This film is just propaganda.

  4. … most probably war settlements… it is what succeeding generations refuse to acknowledge… moscow and beijing most probably firmly retain the ancestral method of after-war-settlements by lands… that is all there is to it… only britain washington france DONT WANT TO SETTLE COMPENSATIONS TO africa-egypt continent… up to them…

  5. … the ainu could be fishermen of eurasia settling with japan coastal border women… like the korea-japan claims in their between… japan fishermen settling with korea coastal border women… thats life… capital people never knowing they hare border people kins… who is who where is where…

  6. like philippines… people are mixbreeds of china japan korea vietnam malasia indonesia fishermen/wanderers/exiles… fortunately, philippines unspokenly decided to be ultra-neutral… accommodate everyone… because who to side…?

  7. hopefully, tokyo and moscow SPARE their "between" from the chaos and turbulence in the capitals/cities… similarly to the korea japan, hopefully, they wouldspare the island of their "between"… maintain as demilitafized zones…

  8. … when… "children suffer the sins of their parents"… humans od different ends of societies meet and settle and reproduce… then time come that both fight for to who is what… unknowingly, they are both owners by ancestral marital unions…

  9. That was very interesting. Apparently, Russia did offer 2 of the islands back to Japan, but this was refused as Japan wanted all 4..DOH! 'As late as 2006, the Russian government of Vladimir Putin offered Japan the return of Shikotan and the Habomais (about 6% of the disputed area) if Japan would renounce its claims to the other two islands'.Japan will never get these islands back as they have 80,000 US troops based in Japan. These islands are strategically important to Russia. I do think Russia should let some Ainu move back, as they're the true owners of the islands. The Ainu were historically crushed by the Japanese, so they're kind of independent. P.S. It would be nice if RT did subtitles instead of voice overs!

  10. In Ainu ‘kur ‘ {Kuru Guru } means person ,actually the Kuriles Ainu called themselves Ru-ru-tom ( appear /by the sea people )un kur . And Sakhalin Ainu called the Kurile Ainu ( Ko-ushi ) ko = distant ush = bay distant bay And the word ‘Ainu ‘means human or bowman. the ( kur ) part of the word ‘ Kur-il ‘ is possible but -il does not exist in Ainu language ,it also could be a ‘ r ‘ replacing ‘ L ‘ there is no ‘ ir ‘ ., ‘ i-ri = relations or of the same family in the Ainu language , so it could be misheard kur + i-ri, try saying Kur+ iri fast ! people related they were very few so they were all related people !? because of the ..r + i-ri , in Ainu and Japanese the R and L are indistinguishable pronounced ‘ kurir ‘not kur – i-ri like soft ‘curl ‘

  11. The Kurils were given to the Soviet Union to administer for Japan after the war just as the U S A were administering Okinawa. America gave back Okinawa in 1972, Russia should give back the Kurils, they were only to hold it to hold back Japanese aggression after the war. Japan did give up the island of Sakhalin and the lower half of Kamtchatka which was theirs before the war but the Kurils still belong to Japan.