The Good Deeds That Cause Duas To Be Answered | Live Reminder with Omar Suleiman

The Good Deeds That Cause Duas To Be Answered | Live Reminder with Omar Suleiman

There are numerous narrations about the bad deeds that cause duas to be rejected, but a few important narrations about the good deeds that actually cause them to be answered.
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  1. I also think you are a person who doesn't harm or con/defraud others or other people or other creatures helps in dua being accepted. Helping and supporting others in need or the needy their dues for you are powerful.

  2. 1. Deeds that are done with the pure intentions of pleasing only Allah (SWA)
    2. The spirit of the deeds are based on humility (you do deeds even when you're in a good position/position of power)
    3. A deed committed even when a good deed cannot be reciprocated back. (Giving water to someone when you yourself are thirsty.*)


  3. all i know…whatever good deeds i do, im too shy to "acknowledge" coz im not sure its enuff…and the bad deeds i do, im struggling to my best to overcome, and pray i always have the ability to think of Allah always in good light as despite of my imperfections he have given so much that im not sure i do enuff to thank him….YA RABB only u know whats inside of us…

  4. Whoever read my comment, please pray for my ex boyfriend to open his heart for Islam and revert to Islam and come back to me again. We recently broke up even we are still love each other but just because he was scare if he cant be a good muslim (follow Allah SWT rules) and i choose to stay in Islam and not be in the intereligion marriage for the sake of Allah SWT.
    Please pray for me as well and may Allah bless all of you and your dua will be answered too 🙂

  5. Maa sha'a Allah
    Allah has blessed you with such beneficial knowledge and the gift of teaching it to this ummah
    May you be rewarded with best of rewards
    In this life and the next!
    Allah'huma aameen

  6. 1. Sincerity. Deeds that are done with sincerity, solely to please Allah SWT. The duaa made has to be done sincerely as well.
    2. Obeying Allah's command despite having the opportunity to disobey; showing mercy/consideration to people over whom one has power, who are vulnerable.
    These are just 2 of the criteria from the lecture. Shaikh presents these points and a lot more in a beautiful way!

  7. Asalam Alaikum, it's a good Job you're doing, may Allah continue to bless and reward you. I want everyone to pray on my behalf so that Allah answer my secret prayers. Ustaz Omar want you to please include me in your prayers during the last ten night of power for the fruit of the womb. I having be praying for years and I still have hope in Allah. Thanks.