North and South Korea in 'arms race' as both test ballistic missiles – BBC News

North and South Korea in 'arms race' as both test ballistic missiles - BBC News

North and South Korea have tested ballistic missiles hours apart from each other, highlighting an arms race on the peninsula as nuclear talks with the North remain stalled.

The North fired two ballistic missiles across its east coast, its first test with such missiles in six months and a fresh breach of UN resolutions.

The tests came as South Korea and China discussed the North’s nuclear issue. Hours later, the South tested its first submarine-launched ballistic missile.

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BBC News

BBC News


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  1. North Korea: Declares war on South Korea

    South Korea: declares war on North Korea

    China: Declares war on South Korea

    Also China: Declares war on India

    India: There's no shame in deterrence having a weapon is very different from actually using it

    Also India: Fires 15-20 nukes at China

    The rest of the world: Wait shit India has nukes oh no better not piss it off.

  2. Let me just get into my 'International condemnation" bullet proof vest in which I keep my "International condemnation" ballistic mask to protect my face when I'm looking out of the hatch of my "International condemnation" bombshelter which will keep me totally safe.

  3. I love UK and respect the BBC. However, there is something wrong with the news, so I ask for correction. It is the East Sea, not the Sea of Japan. East Sea (o), Sea Of Japan (x)

  4. the n.korea tested missiles again.
    the us condemns.
    in my opinion, moon jae in and joe biden should be smart, should be wise…
    1. reconfirm the desire to declare the war ending agreement with n.k
    2. never n never attack n.k in advance.
    3. the korean never want war, never kill the korean. like the chinese never kill the chinese.
    4. united the two sides, and respect the existence of n.korea regime after negotiation. maybe one country with two regimes is an option.
    5. so , neglect n.k test. china will be alone, no ally, in east Sea.
    hope you all understand.

  5. I am a south korean living in south korea. I honestly didn’t know north have done it again until I saw this random video lol.. maybe too busy watching squid game..
    Come on north.. you know we don’t care anymore. We all know that it’s because kim jong un ran out of money to buy his new car or something.. Just stop throwing money out in the ocean and rather give that money to your poor starving fellow north korean citizens.. Guys from other side of the world, don’t you worry it is very old and lame strategy that kim jung un and his family does every now and then when they ran out of money or get needy. they are just hoping south korean government somehow react to it and give them some money or aids.. another very pathetic move from kim jung un.

  6. If Japan wants to continue GSOMIA then Japan should pay for radars in S Korea. They should not get free information after decided not to make full apology for war crimes against Korean.

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