Do These Villains Deserve Redemption?

Do These Villains Deserve Redemption?

It’s become common place for villain redemption arcs in movies. Whether it’s Loki, Scarlett Witch, Darth Vader, or even Venom, each villain is given their chance to make up for their wrong doings. Venom walks a fine line when trying to redeem the symbiotic Spider-Man villain. But creating a complete story arc for Venom has proven to be even more difficult when Spider-Man isn’t around.

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Written by Chris Teregis
Edited by Brian Nappi


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  1. As much as I want to understand this, I can't, shan't and won't. Redemptions don't exist for forgiveness doesn't exist, there's no numerical data to support it. We humans do change but its mostly for our survival and due to our environment. Such concepts isn't needed.

  2. Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves. At least that’s what I belief. And I’m not oblivious to the fact that it’s not always as simple as it’s said.

  3. Yes villains can work for redemption heck even for change to good example
    Megatron from transformers prime preacons rising
    Sunset shimmer
    Some other mlp villains changed to good
    Shadow the hedgehog turned good
    There are a lot that can redeem them selves

  4. Hot take: Darth Vader didn't deserve the last minute redemption he got in the original trilogy. He was a genocidal space nazi after all and we were supposed to forgive him everything, just because he saved his own son instead of murdering him.

  5. a good villain who survived his self-sacrifice was Spike from Buffy. he had this fantastic arc that moved from one series to another. he kept his gloomy personality but became a wonderful character by the end.

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    Do you think I will be redeemed, despite my past, reputation and mistakes?

  7. This was a terrible movie, rushed pacing, it was utterly nonesense for Venom to be redeemed, tedious dialogue, and predictable scenes, the villain was even worse than the protagonist, so maybe that redeemed Venom by a fraction of a percent.

  8. Draco Malfoy, Nebula, Tony Stark (possibly), Trevor Slattery, White Vision, Loki in his show, Bucky Barnes, Man Ape, Ava Starr aka Ghost, Harley Quinn in the DCEU?, Maxwell Lord in the DCEU?, all of these characters survived their redemptions

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