Gravitas LIVE | #ProbePakForPanjshir: Pakistan Military leads Taliban offensive in Panjshir

Gravitas LIVE | #ProbePakForPanjshir: Pakistan Military leads Taliban offensive in Panjshir

Watch Gravitas with Palki Sharma Upadhyay on WION

– WION in Panjshir: Taliban takeover
– Pakistan military leads Taliban offensive: #ProbePakForPanjshir
– Rawalpindi shura rules Afghanistan
– BBC silences expert: bias, not balance
– Taliban divided: baradar vs haqqani

#Gravitas #WorldNews #WIONLive

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  1. Straight up do you not think that United States government had a plan put into place do you understand how many people that we have that are super intelligent you're walking into a death trap get out of Taliban and walk your own path in your life because Taliban is your end

  2. Okay if you're around Taliban get 500 m away from them they're going to be taken out it's going to happen we did not leave we are doing logistics trying to make that happen I'm sorry I cannot tell you I see the logistics it's going to happen get away from all Taliban make that happen tell your brother tell you sister tell your brother from another mother do that get away from the Taliban isolate them because it is with my brother from another mother I'm trying to convey something to you make sure that you are away from a Taliban

  3. Okay China Russia right now cannot suffer blowback get off that it can't with the United States dinner right now is setting up Afghanistan be a war that we walked back into because the world is actually demanding it they think that we left Afghanistan and limbo no strategically this is exactly what I would do trust me you don't want to be a tally Bond there are things that are going behind the scenes right now that nobody is being told about because decisions are being made on how a world goes now we've reached a certain technology point that this is going to happen and it's happening now my question is how peaceful do we want the world to be well it changes because it's already happening global emissions of the CO2 gases greenhouses gases is over here we're experiencing them it is changing things it is changing things globally what we're going through right now what we thought yesterday was yesterday we need to pass on this point we need to gather up globally and figure things out how can we do this we are a mess as a species we are killing each other over profit over money why are we doing this we all need to think back Jill politically and figure this out don't step back because you don't think that you have anything to say that is important get a hold of whatever government official that you can and speak out because that is how we are going to survive as one we are one we are one planet we are so many people come on as a people as we speak out even if you don't think that you're important to speak out and say what you have to say say it why are we giving up this world does not need to end are we as the people globally willing to speak out and say that we want to have children we want to have grandchildren we want to have great grandchildren as our forefathers did why are we giving up I don't understand this point

  4. Was it Pakistan that cut off Panjshir from the north preventing supplies & arms from coming in , cut off communication & surrounding Panjshir
    This is.not Pakistan this is Taliban that even America could not stand up to. .

  5. In the USA in a couple days 9/11, I don't see how President Joe Biden will be able to stand in New York on the anniversary without being embarrassed. You can bleed on our 911 anniversary as we call out the names of the Fallen which we do every year. The Taliban we'll be having your own mockery Parade's, celebrations

  6. Intelligent American warriors, they knew we had to leave residual forces in Afghanistan or we would end up with the same disaster we had in Iraq, we will be going back our Southern border one million people have crossed they've been allowed to live wherever they want not vetted, now we brought then at least 70,000 Afghanistan's we don't know who they are, I wouldn't be surprised if there was not a bombing in New York 9/11. USA needs a new election get rid of the president and the vice president

  7. Come to America you will get a free house, free food, $300 a month for every child you have, food stamps monthly checks Healthcare. These peoples from third world countries will receive more than Americans can much easier. Is that can speak any English they will be taking jobs that Americans have not yet returned to work

  8. This gentleman reporter has been in Afghanistan a month at least before the fall of Kabul. I have yet to see these mysterious 300,000 Afghanistan government Fighters. Is there any videos troops consisting of hundred thousands taking off their uniforms and running away? American taxpayers need to know we have been paying president ghani for every single soldier weekly. It turns out they may have had fifty thousand if that. We need to fire people in our country and we need to know the truth and obviously we're not going to get it from our mainstream media or our military. We have the party of liars running the country

  9. Here we go again bashing Pakistan. I mean i thought you was a good women but all you do is hate pakistan and your an indian?? Why dont you cover the hindu extremist attacking innocent muslims???? But u rather talk lies and spread your poison….

  10. With trillions of dollars of minerals in Afghanistan, the world will suck up to Taliban and their proxy sponsors Pakistan. Unfortunately greed will keep real peace far from Afghanistan. Especially when only a few Taliban in leadership grow very rich, while the rest in Afghanistan remain very poor despite the minerals being exploited. Watch and see.
    And once again drones show their effectiveness against those that don't have them.

  11. These kinds of report make the Indian media a joke. The small minded obsession with Pakistan shows it to be a paranoid aggressive state. Fix your own problems. Can't even provide human rights to Kashmir.

  12. Mindless power grab! Evil forces are using religion to further their world domination agenda. Does a good God really support this reign of terror, atrocities on women & children, terror attacks, destruction of nature and innocent people? God is love. Everything else is man-made. The islamic community globally needs to speak up. Alas!

  13. One thing Pakistan. Needs to know that whatever they are doing is t going to be for their benefit Infact pakistan is aware of what Afghans can do to pakistan if they dont stop supporting Taliban . Many Afghans are already in Pakistan . At least have some mercy on good pakistani ppl . SMH

  14. Adwal fawe,s Geren your jeg your not beleef your taken ING onle gorobe so your not Ted we have onle wereste my mane haw mane etening my jag that is no't mane Again your maken my salare all wamenne,s sintame maken 100 home exc jaje my kontare I mekening barsantej my mane job,s 4_ so your naten famele hafante job your Atag my mekening your kalosed hafante my selare your tag all wamen aftar bake mymay spekening way talme homaj my mane meshen your can tag

  15. Genesis 3:16
    Then he said to the woman, “I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth to little boys and girls. And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.

    Esther 1:20
    And when the king's decree which he shall make shall be published throughout all his empire, (for it is great,) all the wives shall give to their husbands honour, both to great and small


    I am surprised they have not stoned them already for Their TREASON

  16. Stop! prasing the ungodly lawlessness of terrorism. Chicken's belongs in coops. Criminals belongs in prison: hungry beasts belongs in cages. And God is the Judge of them all, nothing will go unpunished. In Jesus name. Vengeance is God's. Joy comes in the morning. Amen.

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