25 Popular Holidays With SURPRISINGLY Pagan Origins

25 Popular Holidays With SURPRISINGLY Pagan Origins

You won’t believe how many popular holidays have surprisingly pagan origins. A lot of these origins come from religions attempting to “redeem” pagan celebrations. In most cases, they were successful. Check out these 25 popular holidays with surprisingly pagan origins you may not be aware of.

You might believe that most holidays have a religious origin. But what if we told you that these holidays have a pagan origin and that religion hi-jacked them? For most of the holidays on this list, that’s exactly what happened. Check out these popular holidays with pagan origins (and our photo credits and sources) and leave a comment on the video letting us know if you were aware of these pagan origins:


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Most of us know that Christmas has a strong religious origin…or does it? You might not realize this but Christmas finds its origin in pagan celebrations. Christmas is not the only holiday with a pagan origin however. There’s also Halloween, Valentine’s day, Easter, and even New Year’s Day. It’s surprising because a lot of these holidays are associated with religion. Check out even more holidays with pagan origins in our list of 25 popular holidays with surprisingly pagan origins.

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  1. Have you heard some say that Christmas is a Pagan celebration or that it has Pagan roots?

    Please, let me set the record straight. Christmas (Feast of the Nativity) was never Pagan. It was created and placed on the solstice in order to usurp that day from the Pagans. Now, Christmas may have taken on Pagan attributes such as trees etc. but its origins are utterly Christian. Please read the quoted text below.

    No, it was never Pagan. Wikipedia states: "It was a custom of the Pagans to celebrate on the same 25 December the birthday of the Sun, at which they kindled lights in token of festivity. In these solemnities and revelries, the Christians also took part. Accordingly, when the doctors of the Church perceived that the Christians had a leaning to this festival, they took counsel and resolved that the true Nativity should be solemnized on that day" Also: "As Christmas was known to early Christian writers, it must have been introduced during apostolic times. Irenaeus mentioned it in his list of feasts" Also: "The earliest known Christmas celebration is recorded in a first-century document called the Apostolic Constitutions. This manuscript, thought to have been written by Clement Romanus around the year AD 70, is believed to record a celebration that occurred in the earliest days of Christianity." So, the feast of the Nativity was purposefully placed on that day to usurp it from the Pagans. There are no Pagan roots.

    Notice the phrase from Irenaeus, "they took counsel and resolved that the true Nativity should be solemnized on that day" That does not mean that Jesus was born on the 25th. It means that they decided to place a new celebration on that day. Undoubtedly, this took place with the full knowledge and probably counsel of the Apostles.

  2. Yup this is the perfect video to show my girlfriend and her family eventually I learned alot of stuff about the most high Yahweh and Yahushua and I recent didnt know this stuff till last year so it's kinda crazy how I cringe that everytime that I hear a holiday come up it makes me wonder how many still walks the bath of the blind yall stay woke out here the most high is coming soon!!

  3. Monotheistic faith's evolved from polytheism, although practitioners will never admit the obvious. So therefore pagan traditions will be seen in all of them. But not to worry follows of the abrahamic faiths, just go into denial about the obvious and claim your invisible man in the sky has it all correct

  4. Thanks for your videos. We have been lied to – VAIN TRADITIONS BOOK IS A REAL SHOCKER – If you are interested in TRUTH you will want this book. The book has over 230 pages backed by Scripture and history. Visit the website at Vaintraditions dot com. This book has lifted the blinders off many eyes. and will shock you. Please Share.

  5. Ramadan is not a pagan ceremony .

    " (Quran 2:183)  O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may develop God-consciousness. " 

    Islam hasn't started with prophet Muhamed s.a.v.s , it was here on earth  since the beginning .

  6. Dec 25th also birthday to sun gods semiramis, tammuz and nimrod (that's Christmas not easter) and mythros amongst many others. Easter is also about the sun gods isis/ishtar.

  7. The only days we should be celebrating are the feast days as described in the bible. If it's celebrated by the world, it's most likely not an approved christian "holiday"! Christian holidays are called feast days.

  8. Pagans knew that God is One…All rituals were taken from Pagans. The new religion came in and look at how many denominations they have because they cannot agree. All things go back to its origin. It can be heaven or hell for you and it is up to you to choose, so to speak. Wisdom, She is Justified by Her Children. One Love !

  9. Holidays, the names of stars, days, months, etc. This entire world is pagan including the catholic church who took Roman pagan gods and slapped Christian names on them to unite the empire not because they actually believed in Christianity.

  10. 25) Christmas
    24) Easter
    23) Feast of annunciation
    22) Halloween
    21) New Year Day
    20) Valentine's Day
    18) Thanksgiving
    17) Porum
    15) Birthdays
    14) MayDay
    13) Noruz

    Please complete the rest

  11. I would really appreciate if you could make a video the origin of Sunday..as some Christian worship God on Sunday,is it true that Sunday is also the origin of Paganism?

  12. Idk about English but in Dutch we have woensdag, named after the god Wodan or Odin in Norse (Wednesday), donderdag named after the god Donar or Thor in Norse (Thursday) and Vrijdag named after the goddess Frija or Freya in Norse (Friday). Just fun fact

  13. '25 popular holidays…pagan origins'. Lol. It is almosy every single holiday the Christian religions celebrate. Can anyone say…'irony', or 'hypocrisy'? Lol. No wonder atheists laugh at Christians and question their integrity. I don't blame atheists for pointing out the hypocrisy of Christianity. Lol.

  14. So called Christian's love to remain ignorant to the pagan origins of their holidays. Then when it is pointed out…they make excuses for why it is 'ok', for them to celebrate them. Lol. They decieve themselves, to be able to keep doing things our Creator/Designer looks down on, that they just cannot let go of. They are absurd.

  15. At least The Feast of Tabernacles is actually mentioned in the Bible. Just so happens though…that is one that Christians know nothing about…lol. But they know all about the holiday the bible DOES NOT mention….Xmas. Hahahahaha.

  16. Satan is the Great Counterfeiter and has fooled Christian's through emotions and traditions into celebrating pagan holidays in the name of Christ. It is called Syncretism in the theology world. It amazes me how dumbfounded most Christian's are to the reality of pagan origins of their holidays…and even moreso amazes me… that when they do discover its pagan origins…always find 'human reasoning' to be able to continue in their 'feel good traditions', that are obviously satan inspired. Satan revels and laughs at God, by pointing his finger at Christian's and telling God…"Look! See what I have your so-called Christian's doing? Worshipping me, veiled as worshipping You!" Yeah…Satan gets a big kick out of that one.

  17. Ramadan in no way is a pagan holiday. There are evidences from the Quran and the Hadiths that God willed it upon us and as you might be knowing that the Quran is unaltered since its revealation to prophet Muhammad(PBUH). just check ur facts. Fasting is a common thing in all religions and ALLAH also stated in the quran that 'FASTING IS PRESCRIBED ON YOU AS WAS ON PEOPLE BEFORE YOU' ( not exactly the same words in the Quran but the meaning is same). All the prophets were said to call there people for fasting.

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